4 Most Important Habits for Clear Skin

4 Most Important Habits for Clear Skin

Like other areas of life, caring for your skin becomes a habit. Those habits go way beyond skincare and, because your skin is connected to every other part of you your total health contributes a lot to your complexion.  Instead of the next serum or device it's time to look deeper if you deal with chronic redness, breakouts, itching, inflammation, and other skin problems.

Are you using these habits for clear skin in your routine?

Secrets to clear skin and the holistic habits that will help acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. Solve redness, itch, breakouts, dryness, and skin flares for good.

4 Must-Know Habits for Clear Skin

Finding ways to effectively deal with skin conditions can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. No one understands this better than Blissoma founder Julie Longyear. Years of attempting to manage her upset, acne-prone skin through conventional methods led Julie to do intensive research and experimentation, and discover the holistic secrets to clear skin and a beautiful complexion.

Julie’s latest endeavor is to share these secrets beyond skincare with you, which is why she created Holistic Skin Circle – a comprehensive course and community of experts and like-minded souls designed to guide you to your healthiest-looking, most comfortable skin.

Before you see what Holistic Skin Circle can do for you, let’s take a look at the leading causes behind unhappy skin. Are you currently making these four habits for clear skin a part of your regular routine?

1. Get to the Root Cause of Your Skin Issues

Before you address any problem, you have to determine what’s causing it in the first place, right? And this couldn’t be more imperative than with skin issues. For example, are your  acne breakouts and rosacea caused by an imbalanced gut or skin microbiome? Maybe your red and irritated skin is due to an inflammatory immune response. And hormonal imbalance can send your skin into a state of upheaval. It’s essential to get to the root of what is leading to your skin condition before attempting to tackle those symptoms.

If you're not a doctor you might need some help figuring out which body system is contributing most to your skin flares.  Many dermatologists only study the skin and don't know the whole body systems that can be contributing to skin problems. Don't be surprised if you might need to work with a functional medicine doctor, an allergist, a nutritionist, a naturopath or other health professionals to solve a skin problem.

2. Watch for Skin Disruptive Ingredients

There are many skin disruptors hiding in conventional and prescription skincare products that might even exacerbate the skin conditions they claim to treat, like acne or inflammation. Whether they clog pores, cause feelings of irritation, or your skin is simply sensitive to certain ingredients, these sneaky culprits could be to blame. Do you know which ingredients in skincare and cosmetics are making your skin breakout, become red, or feel inflamed? Familiarizing yourself with the specific components in the products you shop that may be causing your skin issues is another key way to ward off upset skin.

Learning to read ingredients labels can feel like a part time job, and new ingredients are always coming out.  Using  online ingredients research tools can help you discover more about individual ingredients. To stay on top of the most recent news about ingredients that are causing skin problems it helps to have some trusted experts to follow.  You might want to turn to an esthetician or a cosmetic chemist to help you discover what to use and what to avoid.

3. Your Skin is What You Eat

Every forkful of food either helps or hurts your chances of healthy, clear, calm skin.  Food gives us the building blocks of healthy skin cells. Our body can't renew and heal if it doesn't have the right nutrients. 

But switching to a clean diet alone might not eliminate all signs of acne or inflammation. You could be unknowingly consuming foods that trigger your skin condition. The foods that may be ideal for someone else could be big problems for you.

Certain food groups are hard on all skin types in terms of breakouts and even aging. You might notice that your skin gets worse after you eat specific foods as well. Finding out which foods are linked to your skin problem puts you one step closer to healthy skin.

In some cases testing may be the only way to discover your unique food needs, but an elimination diet that cuts out the most common problem foods could be a great way to get started and see how your skin responds.  You could also visit a nutritionist to customize your food choices. It's worthwhile to spend the time making sure you eat right for your skin.

4. Check Your Lifestyle and Mental Health

Stress is one of the biggest causes of skin flares for acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. Stress drains energy that our bodies otherwise would use for repair, causes lower nutrient delivery to skin cells, and alters our immune system function. Stress is also hard to avoid and seems constant in today's world.

Hearing that it’s important to keep stress at bay for clear, beautiful skin may make you feel more stressed. Before you throw in the towel on the whole zen idea, take heart. This doesn’t mean you have to walk around in a state of bliss each day to ward off skin symptoms. 

Taking an easy approach that works for you is what feels best and leads to balance in the body, which benefits your skin.  Meditation is a wonderful way to decrease feelings of stress and can speed skin healing, but it doesn’t have to look like a seated thirty minute practice. Adding breathwork to your morning routine or simply enjoying leisure time are valuable ways to decompress. Moving your body and learning to say no to things that feel unnecessary are other good-for-you ways to reduce feelings of tension in daily life.

Sticking to new habits can be challenging, so you might want to get support as you adopt a stress prevention lifestyle. Making a commitment to implement healthy habits with friends, or taking a class can be ways to make sure you follow through. 

Healthy habits for clear skin are easier to maintain when you have support from people who also have healthy behaviors like eating nutritious foods for gut health.

Get Help With Your Clear Skin Habits

Want some help making these essential and effective healthy skin habits a part of your regular routine so you can take control of your skin challenges? We are excited to announce the launch of Blissoma's brand new sister company to provide you complete solutions.

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and still just can't get your skin to completely settle down it's likely you need to do more than just use great skincare.  We are now filling in the rest of the formula for clear, healthy skin by offering online education to teach you the best holistic habits that can accelerate your results. 

Blissoma founder Julie Longyear has created  Holistic Skin Circle based on her many years of research and directly working with people with chronic skin problems like acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Holistic Skin Circle helps you identify your skin triggers and zero in on what your body needs to build healthy skin.  Julie read over 300 scientific studies in the process of writing the course curriculum and has distilled the latest science into an action-based plan.  Everything is explained so you can understand it, and you'll get a clear picture of all the options available to you. 

We've combined the benefits of multiple types of professional support into one online platform to give you at-home, on-demand support in making clear skin a reality.

Holistic Skin Circle offers online courses to help people solve skin problems like acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis using healthy, holistic methods that deliver lasting results for clear, calm skin.

Our program was created with the input of licensed estheticians, nutritionists, nurses, functional medicine doctors, yoga teachers, and other holistic health professionals.  We spent years learning and trying all the available solutions to make everything super easy for you.

You’ll save hundreds of dollars on skincare that doesn’t work, introductory appointments for ineffective treatment plans, and unnecessary testing with easy to implement skin support you can utilize right in your home.

Not only that, but the results of our program go even deeper!  The holistic methods and community support revolutionizes your health, productivity, mood, and social life while transforming your skin.  No conventional treatment can claim that.

The holistic lifestyle recommendations we have made through over 1000 online skin consultations have already helped our clients achieve huge progress with their skin.  Holistic Skin Circle allows us to give you even more in a format that will help you stick to your commitment to clear skin.

Start doing something different for your skin today by enrolling in our  5 Day Skin Problem-Solver Course. Learn how to identify your major Trigger Area and the five clear skin habits you can start using immediately. Just 5 days and $25 for answers to some of your biggest skin questions.

The Skin Problem Solver online holistic course to start to clear and calm skin problems for people with acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis in just 5 days with instructor Julie Longyear

You get immediate access to the 5 day program when you sign up.  Right now you are just one week away from a different outlook on your skin health.

Our comprehensive, signature 5 week course will be launching in spring 2021 so make sure to  keep in touch with our new brand on Instagram @holisticskincircle to catch all the announcements.

We've also started a  Facebook group where people with chronic skin challenges can discuss holistic solutions to try.  Join us and talk to other people just like you who are pursuing a path to sustainable skin health.

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Sarah Paulsen says she got "Almost instant positive results" from one of the habits taught in The Skin Problem-Solver.

About one of her lifestyle changes Dominique Denson says "I see improvements in rosacea and extreme improvement in stress and anxiety levels."

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