We have closed our retail store to the public due to Covid-19 and are refocusing on our manufacturing and online education activities.  We apologize for any disappointment, and we promise we are still available to you.  We are producing great content for our blog, making videos for social media, researching ingredients, finding new farms to buy herbs from, and making the best skincare every day.

The Blissoma Botanical Beauty Store and manufacturing is based in historic Flower Row is where we carry natural beauty products including cruelty-free and organically based makeup, haircare, bodycare and also nontoxic nail products.  

Manufacturing/Office Hours

(retail store closed)

Monday through Friday - 9 AM to 4 PM

Retail Store Hours



2730 LaSalle Street, St. Louis, MO 63104


Our knowledgeable staff and totally pre-screened products mean you can shop without worry. Our standards are far higher than natural foods stores. Everything we carry is made by independent companies like ourselves, is exclusively no-animal-testing, and use super clean ingredients. Absolutely no parabens, phenoxyethanol (and almost all other synthetic preservatives), ethoxylated ingredients, synthetic fragrances, and petroleum compounds. Everything is suitable for sensitive skin types and we can help guide you to the right options for your needs.

Online Holistic Skin Consultations

Since our inception we have offered free online holistic skin consultations. This service remains one of our most beloved offerings. Our caring, trained holistic esthetician evaluates all your skin information and recommend a custom routine for you. If you have skin with special needs or challenges you should definitely submit for a consultation.

Often people choose products based on trends, social recommendations, and marketing. This is not the best way to get great results for your unique skin needs. Trained skin specialists can interpret how your skin is doing now and help you choose just what will help improve it. That means less confusion, less trial-and-error, less time spent, and less cost for you.

Start the process now online. It's easy and free, and you'll love our caring, detailed staff.


Get My Online Holistic Skin Consultation

Please share the word that we're here with all your favorite plant-loving, animal-hugging, sensitive-skinned, conscious-shopping, local-economy-championing, organic lifestyle enthusiasts. We've created a place they'll love unlike any other in St. Louis and they're going to be excited!

Find Blissoma products at a location near you.

We are proud to have our skincare used by a growing range of estheticians and spa locations that focus on holistic, sustainable, compassionate and natural treatment for the skin.

The qualified skin professionals we work with can help guide you to the best Blissoma products for your skin. Make sure to check with your local provider to make sure they have the item you are seeking. We have a wide ranging line and some businesses carry only selected products.

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