Essential Oils

Welcome to our aromatherapy store.

For years we have purchased essential oils in bulk for our natural skincare products and aromatherapy blends. We are making these lovely oils available to you now in retail sizes. The supply chain goes from farmer >> distributor >> Blissoma. For most crops distillation is best done right near the growing area for that plant, immediately when the botanicals are freshly picked. Growing and distillation is a whole business and art unto itself, requiring great skill to process the precious botanicals for the best aromatic yield.

We are proud to represent these 100% pure essential oils. Our goal at this time is not necessarily to represent every oil available, but to offer exceptional versions of oils we think you will find most useful. They are not organic, but with essential oils that certification is often not the strongest indicator of aroma quality.

We hope you will enjoy discovering therapeutic essential oil uses for relaxation, stimulation, massage, bathing, perfumery, cleaning, diffusion, meditation, first aid, and even cooking. The authentic aromas and physiologic effects of essential oils make them a wonderful addition to a naturally focused lifestyle.  In addition to being able to buy essential oils online you can also visit our St. Louis store where we are stocking these in person for aromatherapy in person.  You can find tutorials and more ideas for essential oil uses on our website blog.

We offer professional pricing to our esthetician and wholesale accounts. For pure essential oils wholesale please visit our Wholesale page to apply for an account.