Aparna, pictured above, used Blissoma skincare during her pregnancy to maximize her glow.

She is entirely makeup-free other than eyeliner in this image after a month of using just our products.

Hello! My name is Monet and I am obsessed with my Blissoma skincare ritual! I was introduced to these products while working at a spa which carried it. At the time I started, my skin was the worst it had ever looked from hormonal acne and I had tried everything to get my skin to calm down! I decided to try the wash, toner, serum, moisturizer routine and see if it worked for my skin, and if not, then I had nothing to lose...

I just want to thank you for the amazing results these products have given me! My skin has finally improved dramatically. I started in June of 2020 and have been hooked ever since. LIFE CHANGING!!✨✨ Monet D.

Thank you for all you and your employees do, Julie! You are a wonderful example of how a company should be run, and how it should treat its employees and customers. Thank you for creating such nourishing, effective, and healthy products based on science and your expertise. My skin (and I) thank you from the bottom of my heart (and epidermis! Ha!) Nicole P.

Your selection is incredible!!!! Thank you for your brilliant curating & clear passion for clear skin & clean, luxurious products! I’m so inspired and feel so blessed to have found the abundant spring that is Blissoma!! Xo! Megan S.


Julie, My name is Karen and I just wanted to write to you directly to tell you how your products changed not only my skin, but my life! I have been dealing with adult acne for about 10 years now,(I am 38) but only recently in the last 3 years it has gotten significantly worse. I used to get a pimple, it would eventually go away with no marks left over. But as my skin started to age, the healing process was longer and would leave bright red scars that never seemed to disappear. I felt like I had chicken pocs or measles on my face. My self esteem started to go down because of it. I had to always wear makeup wherever I went, even the beach and the gym. I did not feel comfortable with my bare skin and last year barely went to the beach because of it. I tried everything!

I was beginning to lose hope when one day I decided to do a search for a natural skin care product (I live a very healthy and active lifestyle and prefer natural ingredients) that helps with rosacea. I figured, why not try something that reduces redness, maybe that will help my scars. I came across your products through amazon and the reviews were amazing, along with the ingredients and prices. So, I decided to buy two. The Smooth A+ Correcting Serum and the Restore Serum. I started to see a difference in the first couple of weeks! Not only did it control my breakouts (I was told they were hormonal) but it reduced my scarring to barely nothing!

I have been now using these two products for almost 4 months now and two months ago I was finally able to leave the house with no makeup!! All my friends and family also noticed the change and commented how amazing my skin looks. I always tell them about your products and how I swear by them.

I've only had a couple pimples show up from time to time, but that's just a monthly thing. And when I do, they disappear in less than a week with no scarring.

My confidence level has improved 100% and I now sometimes even forget to put even just tinted moisturizer on before leaving the house, my skin is glowing so much! The other week I was so confident that I went swimming and went under water and only wore sunblock. I can't tell you the last time I did that without worrying how my skin looked when I got out or who would see me.

So Julie, thank you again so much for producing such amazing and natural skin care products. I will forever be a customer and hope to bring you some new ones in the future as well. Karen P.

I just wanted to say thank you for the samples you sent with my last order. They were wonderful and I enjoyed using all of them, so as I run out of them, I will definitely be ordering more. I can't believe how good my skin looks using your products, thank again Blissoma!!!!!! Silas M., Asheboro, NC

Dear Julie, Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to engineer the best possible skin care products. At 33 years old I am finally feeling confident in my skin. Your passion for your product is the best selling point of all. I have been bragging about Blissoma for a few years now. Michelle E., St. Louis, MO

Hi Julie, You so graciously and thoroughly helped me analyze my skin several months ago over email that I just wanted to give you an update of how happy I am with my skin these days thanks to you and your beautifully-crafted products. Your skincare is like a nice home-cooked meal wherein i can feel the love and studious time put into every drop. Free and Bright are my number one staples in my regimen nowadays and my search is over. I'm hooked. I only supplement with random diy masks and stuff like that. I love the texture consistency and light smell of each product and even more importantly love the efficacy of each product!! You are very talented and inspired in what you do. Not to mention love your hand-designed artwork on the promo bags you guys were selling on your website during Christmas time! I’m sportin’ that all over town. :) Blissoma delights me and is going places I believe gaining popularity person by person by being consistent in quality and customer education. Thank you, thank you. I couldn't find a coconut/jojoba oil free facial moisturizer for balance and anti-aging so I just use Bright all over my face, backs of hands, and décolleté! Works for me! Julie B., Houston, TX

Hello, I don't think I've ever done this before. But I am so wildly impressed with this product i wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am to have it. I have "dry, mature" skin, but also mild rosacea and hormonal acne. After buying a fancy, bigger-name oil from Sephora that was disappointing, I ordered this product after hunting on the web for reviews of good face oils. I have been using it for two weeks now and my skin has noticably and dramatically improved. Red, blemish scars near around my mouth and chin are faded considerably and every where else is glowing, not dull and patchy as it was. It feels good and smells lovely and natural. It is a wonderful product. Sally

I found your product line last year and have been absolutely LOVING it! I had wonderful skin all through my teenage years, but then when I hit 22... aaahhhh! it went crazy! Your products have made my skin so much happier than it has been in almost 8 years. Thank you! Rabyn N

I also want you to know that the products are absolutely amazing! My skin feels unbelievably soft and smooth. I believe I mentioned to you that I'm a skincare junkie and I have to say these are the best products I've ever used. (which is really saying something as I'm 52 and have been buying lotions and potions since my teens) The only problem is the eye cream, it is making my eyes itchy and swollen so I think I won't be able to use it. Finding good eye cream is a real challenge for me. I've decided to use the deep healing serum around my eyes and not worry about using a special eye product. Anyway, thank you for making these great products and I look forward to my next order in a month or two. Pamela S., Sasketchewan, Canada

Blissoma is by far my favorite skin care company and I'll be restocking up after Christmas! Katie H

I wrote you a while back asking whether or not the rice cleanser would be too much for my 69 year old skin. I just wanted to let you know that I use it (gently) every night followed by the oil mixed with my moisturizer and I love it. My husband even mentioned last night how smooth my skin felt. No redness, no irritation. Your fan, Joan D

By the way, I’ve been using natural products for about two years and have been trying different things. My boyfriend usually tries them as well and he has said of your products that they were the best I had tried and by far. Coming from him who has very sensitive and difficult skin, and who is very demanding in general, you should take this as a really, really big compliment! Sophie T., Canada

Thanks so much for the wonderfully informative guide! I've tried to research anti-aging ingredients on the internet and have found it difficult to make sense of the highly technical information. It was too confusing. Your guide is so clear and concise and I so appreciate that! Debra

I absolutely LOVE Bright! It is the first under eye treatment I have ever used (and I have tried quite a few, inc some fairly expensive ones) which really lessened the dark circles under my eyes. It also reduced puffiness by about 50-75%. I did notice that I need to use it twice a day (which I didn’t do faithfully. Much going on in my life right now) to get the maximum results. Another thing I noticed was that I get the best results by applying it above and below my eyes, tapping the skin gently under my eyes, and then I wait about ten minutes before applying any other product. (typically Restore and a natural moisturizer). I can feel it tighten and firm my skin, but it doesn’t dry it out. Amazing!! Dede K., Washington, MO

I have to tell you I am so in love with your products! I am never using anything else. Not to say my skin is perfect BUT I just feel like I have this glow and it's seems like some lines are fading.... Any who I am telling everyone I know how great your products are! Sarah B., St. Louis, MO

I'm so thrilled with it I'd like to gush about it to you right away :) This year I had my second baby and am hitting my mid-thirties--and for the first time ever I've been feeling the need for an eye product. I started using eye cream about a month ago. Your serum is beautiful. I use it every morning under my moisturizer, sometimes at night--the skin around my eyes feels great and I swear it looks better already. That skin has been very easily irritated lately, and my exhaustion has definitely been showing there, with dark circles, etc. The serum soothes the skin and makes it look brighter and healthier. My only complaint is with the packaging--a lot goes a long way, and the pump on the bottle is kind of "all or nothing"--but I've just been using the excess on my forehead wrinkles and the sensitive skin around my nostrils. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try this awesome product! Anne S

I've been using a sample of your Restore Deep Moisture Oil Serum- I'm really loving it. I have purchased so many of the upper-end oils, and while they make my skin feel smooth, none does the actual "line softening" the way that Restore does. I'm 24 years old, with slight lines and uneven skin tone. Thanks for making great products! Heather M

I am really enjoying it. I am already a fan of oils for the skin (face/body) and yours is great! I think people who are not sure about facial oils will be pleasantly surprised how nice and non-oily yours is. Alyssa T

I have to be honest, I'm really not a huge organics follower. However, the cleanser worked fantastically for me, so I started buying the other products in the line. All of the products add moisture to my skin, which smoothed out my wrinkles really nicely, but didn't cause break outs. That is huge for me. I came to the conclusion that maybe the unnatural ingredients in the other products I had been using were irritating my skin, and were actually the source of the breakouts... All I know is that I love your products. Pat S., St. Charles, MO

I just wanted to tell you personally how much i still love the Blissoma A+ Smooth moisture serum after reviewing it for several years ago. It is my daily go-to moisturizer. I always talk it up to people with acne-prone skin and wrote an Amazon review on how great it is as a primer for mineral makeup. It's ideal for my skin. So, thanks! Stephanie Rogers, Green Living & Environmental Writer

Love your stuff. BTW - all of your reviews talk about how great your products are, how great it is that the ingredients are natural/organic, but none of them talk about how green your *packaging* is! Love the aluminum and glass. This it what actually first caught my attention. How much can all of these other products care about being natural/organic when they are in plastic containers?? Caryn H

I want to let you know that my skin got adjusted to the Smooth serum, and is now really smooth, like it hasn't been in a really long time (no new bumps or whiteheads for a week now). It's also much less oily, I don't even apply powder anymore, which is really surprising to me, since I've worn powder for years! I did add a drop or 2 of lavender to it. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help and advice! I love the serum!! Alexandra A., Sunnyvale, CA

I truly do love your products. I find that they have remarkably made a difference in the way my skin feels and looks. I especially love the way Smooth seems to cure my acne pains and the clay mask also seems to help keep my skin clearer. Thank you so much for this natural and organic form of skin care product - I’m hooked! Pamela H

I'm so thankful that BUST did the review of your masque because I was in such dire need of that blissoma product---it couldn't have come at a better time. My skin was breaking out very badly and I didn't think I'd be able to fix it in time for the wedding 3 weeks later. But my complexion did a complete 180 after your masque came in the mail! Amazing! I'm so thankful that hardworking people like you still make quality products like this from scratch and in small batches. It makes such a difference. My skin has never been better. Thank you so much for the stress serum-- it is absolutely lovely!! Asheley L., Berkeley, CA

I also received my serum in the mail today (a couple hours after sending the email) and I LOVE it! I work as a flight attendant and have trouble sleeping on layovers sometimes but, this will help me so much. :) I will spread the word about the reviews too so that my friends can win their own stress relief serum. I love Blissoma. Kudos on a great company... Leslie A-G., Los Angeles, CA

I had to make sure I tried your new product on long enough to really believe the great results. It is amazing! My sister and I have only been using this both day and night. Our skin is wonderfully hydrated and soft. I cant wait till summer to see the effects! Adriana

I currently use the rice cleanser followed by the smooth serum and use the refining mask twice a week. I have dry skin, rosacea and frequent breakouts... I am really happy with your products, have been using them for about 1 month. I work at Whole Foods Market and have tried most produsts there, and NOTHING gave me any results like your products have! Thanks for making such great, pure facial care. Tanya H.

I just wanted to say thanks for making such great products! I discovered your Smooth A+ Moisture Serum quite by accident and I LOVE IT!! It is the only moisturizer I can use on my rosacea-ravaged complexion that consistently works Angie R., Greenville, SC

Hi Blissoma, I purchased the Mild Rice Facial Cleanser based on the review I read on Fig & Sage. I’m always skeptical when trying new skincare. I have sensitive skin and have had trouble finding a cleanser that deeply cleans without drying out my skin. I was beyond pleasantly surprised about this product; I love it! It does a great job cleansing my skin (I even use it around my eyes after removing make-up and there is no irritation) and my skin does not feel tight afterwards, instead it looks fresh and dewy. And it has a light, clean and very pleasing fragrance. I have tried so many skincare lines at all price levels and, as far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best cleansers out there regardless of price (i.e., it’s not just a wonderful product for the is a wonderful product period). I just purchased my second bottle along with the Adaptive Energy Tonique facial mist (can’t wait to try it) at Whole Foods. Next on my list is the facial mask. I also love that Blissoma products are pure and non-toxic (a must for me). My only wish is that you would come out with an eye cream. Thank you, Blissoma. Patti B. Chicago, IL

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