We currently offer shipping through UPS and USPS. We recommend UPS if you require expedited or date certain shipping. All overnight and 2-Day packages will receive priority packing in our studio.

Packages shipped by our Free Shipping option, USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground generally send within 2 - 3 business days.We will contact you if there are extenuating circumstances regarding your order. This packing time is an estimate, not a guarantee.

Canadian and International: UPS options are currently the most reliable shipping choices to non USA locations.  USPS Priority Mail International may result in packages taking over a month to arrive or being lost in transit due to the unfortunate changes to USPS operations during the pandemic.  We are finding that UPS offers reasonable rates to Canada and so far feel pretty good about the rates we have seen going overseas for small packages as well. If a Canadian order receives free shipping we will choose the combination of the most reliable and most economical way to send the order.

International clients please be advised that you will be responsible for all duties and taxes on your shipments. We declare retail value for customs as our shipping software imports the retail price (not a discounted price) and we are not able to change that. Regulations can change, so we recommend you investigate your local customs/duties/laws when you order.

Europe: Please note we are not an EU Registered brand yet, and this may result in packages being turned away by customs authorities.  We have seen this happen in the last year and so we do not recommend shipping orders into the EU.

COVID CHANGES TO USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING:  Shipping time by USPS Priority Mail takes usually just 2-3 days in the USA, but due to the COVID viral crisis this has drastically changed. USPS Priority Mail is running extremely slow due to budget cuts from reduction in mail volume, prohibition of overtime hours for postal workers, and removal of high speed mail sorting machines at postal processing facilities.  Often packages that used to take just 2 days to reach their destination are now taking 7-10 days to arrive so *please plan accordingly*. 

USPS Priority Mail is NOT a guaranteed delivery date service.  If you need to receive something by a certain date we only recommend shipping via UPS Overnight, 2 Day, or Express Saver services.  These services do cost more but will actually get your package where it needs to go in a timely fashion.

UPS Ground shipping times will vary by your location. We are in St. Louis, MO. Locations such as Kansas City, MO and Chicago, IL receive delivery generally 1-2 days after we ship. Farther locations on the West and East Coasts may take 4 to 5 days to arrive. All shipping charges are paid by the buyer. Buyer will request the shipping option during checkout. Where possible, all articles will be packaged for shipping as a single unit. If extra packaging and shipping is required, you will be notified of extra charges prior to shipment.

We always do our best to ship promptly. All readymade items will be shipped within approximately 2 to 3 days from the date the order is placed and paid. If there is any problem or change to the shipping time for your order we will contact you as soon as possible. On overnight shipping we will attempt to ship same day if possible however we do not guarantee it. If you require special attention to the shipping of your order please contact us to discuss options.

Should a package become lost or damaged we will work with the shipping agency determine what happened and the best solution. We now offer Route shipping insurance and recommend its use because these types of situations have been happening frequently.

If our tracking confirms the shipment (especially USPS) as being delivered to your location we recommend checking with neighbors, your post office location, or postal carrier as often the delivery slips are placed in the wrong box, or sometimes not left at all. We see this happen sometimes where the package may be waiting for you at your local post office branch, apartment management office, or delivered to a neighbor who accepted it for you. We do NOT recommend that you ship to a mailbox area that is easily accessed by many neighbors or is open to anyone off the street and has no place for packages, as this creates an opportunity for theft or someone to mistakenly take your package. Please ship to locations where your package will be held securely until you retrieve it.

The best way to get a shipping quote for your order is to place items in your online shopping cart, put in your zip code, and let the cart give you a live quote based on the weight of the items you have selected.

SHIPPING INSURANCE AND CLAIMS: We are now offering Route shipping insurance for purchase at checkout.  Route is the best way to ensure your package will be replaced if damaged, lost, or stolen.  Their claim process is easy, and you will receive a post-purchase email from them directly that you can use to make your claim if need be. 

Please make sure to leave Route selected during your checkout process for full coverage.  If Route is not purchased we reserve the right to decide how to handle replacement or compensation for any loss or damage to a shipment.