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What does the word raw mean when applied to a skincare product?

Raw has been a big buzzword in food trends, touted for delivering high nutritional benefits. The term raw when applied to food means an uncooked state or treated with preparation processes like dehydration or sprouting that go only up to 115 degrees F. The lack of heated cooking leaves the full vitamin and enzyme content of the food intact. With skincare ingredients it is similar. Blissoma uses many ingredients that are cold processed and never ever heated.

  • Enzyme-rich vegetable juices used in our products are kept cold during the entire manufacturing process.
  • Herb extracts we produce ourselves are macerated (infused) at room temperatures for one month. These cold extracts are then only strained of their herb fiber before being added to our products.
  • Seed oils such as Organic Cranberry, Red Raspberry, Tamanu and more are mechanically pressed (not solvent extracted) at cold temperatures and then only filtered as a final step.

Beyond just keeping the temperature low, to us the word raw also means unchanged. Oils and extracts have a natural color and aroma that is sometimes deemed undesirable in the cosmetic industry. Deodorization and decolorization are used to remove these less desirable characteristics. These extra steps can also remove nutrients and trace healing compounds. To retain the maximum healing capacity we use primarily oils and extracts that are simply pressed and filtered. It's like if you could just break a cranberry seed open and use the oil inside. We keep it all as close as possible to the source botanical material.

You can see and feel the presence of these raw, vital ingredients in our products when you use them. The colors and natural aromas of our base ingredients are your testament that you are using the real thing. Those rich, raw ingredients are what is delivering your results. It's not easy to blend using these colored and aromatic ingredients but the final effect is totally worth it. Our recipes are tiny masterpieces that fuse both elegant feel and raw, power-packed natural ingredients.

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How many raw ingredients are in Blissoma products?

Raw has been a big buzzword in food trends, touted for delivering high nutritional benefits. The term raw when applied to food means an uncooked state or treated with preparation processes like dehydration or sprouting that go only up to 115 degrees F. The lack of heated cooking leaves the full vitamin and enzyme content of the food intact. With skincare ingredients it is similar. Blissoma uses many ingredients that are cold processed and never ever heated.

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What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products vary in shelf life from 1 to 2 years. Skincare products are marked with an expiration date on the bottom of the bottle so you know when the item has reached the end of its optimal usage. Stress Relief Serums and Perfume oils have the longest shelf because they are based on stable oils like jojoba and coconut and are not prone to growing bacteria or fungi.

Our items should optimally be stored at 70 F or cooler for best results. Hotter storage will result in a shorter shelf life. For the maximum shelf life or if you are not using your product temporarily you may store your item in the refrigerator, which will slow degeneration of the actives and sensitive oils.

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Are your products preserved? What do you use to keep items from spoiling?

The preservative system used in our items varies depending on the product. Oil based items are kept fresh with just antioxidants. They don't grow bacteria and fungi readily.

Blissoma's facial care range has a Vegan preservation system that we compiled from a few individual ingredients after much testing.

Depending on the product we use customized combinations of:

  • Leucidal (Leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate), an isolated peptide produced by the kimchi bacteria. It deters competitive bacteria from multiplying.
  • Aspen Bark Extract, a rich source of natural antibacterial and anti-fungal salicylates.
  • Gluconolactone, a food grade acidifying (PH lowering) agent produced by fermentation. No milk is present in this ingredient.
  • Sodium Anisate and Sodium Levulinate, two sodium salts of plant-derived organic acids (p-anisic acid and levulinic acid) which are non-irritating, non-sensitizing, biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Caprylhydroxamic acid, an amino acid sourced from coconut oil that has antimicrobial properties
  • Glyceryl Caprylate, a molecule made from glycerin and caprylic acid from coconut oil that breaks the surface tension of bacteria and helps increase the efficacy of our other preservation ingredients

All components are natural. We vary their percentages in each recipe depending on the construction of that product, its existing PH, and how prone it is to microbial growth.

Our Adapt and Intense Facial Toniques use some Organic Alcohol and Vegetable Glycerin for preservation.

We also use hurdle technology to prevent contamination. "Hurdles" are barriers to microbial infiltration and growth. This is done by making products out of base ingredients that are less hospitable to bacterial growth and considering factors like packaging as a barrier to microbes. This is partly why we package many of our moisturizers in bottles rather than jars as it prevents extra air and fingers from contaminating the product repeatedly. The containers act as a hurdle and minimize microbial load.

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Are your products Certified Organic?

Our final products are not currently Certified Organic. We do use a majority of Certified Organic ingredients in every product. Paperwork for each of our certified suppliers is kept on file at our studio.

Recently we have adjusted our purchasing policy to relax our requirement for organic certification when we have the opportunity to purchase from a small, independent farm.  We love forming relationships with our growers and especially want to support regenerative and women-owned farms.  Too often the need for paperwork was preventing us from purchasing from these smaller farms.

While the majority of the organic ingredients that we purchase do carry certification, and we fully support farms that do choose to certify we have adjusted our declaration language to simply say "*from organic agriculture" instead of "*from certified organic agriculture" on our labels.  This does not represent a change on our part in our interest in quality or cleanliness, but who we want to be able to fund with our raw materials purchases and an interest in increasing our funding to regenerative farms.

We collaborated with Ecocult on a great article on the topic of sourcing Blissoma's ingredients through regenerative farms, and why it's the next step beyond just being organic.

There are many certification options for products today. All of them have a significant cost per year both in the certification fee and the paperwork to maintain the certification. At this time, however, we do not have the resources either in time or finances to maintain Certified Organic status on our products.  We continue to manufacture our products in the ways we always have with exceptional ingredients.  Our resources go to paying our farmers a premium for quality botanicals, to taking great care of our staff, and to continuing to improve our manufacturing facility so we can maintain the purity of our products long term.

We know your skin is also the ultimate judge of quality.  Our results for our customers clearly show the cleanliness and exceptional nutrition quality of our ingredients.

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I'm sensitive to scent ingredients. Which of your products will be right for me?

Fragrance in skincare has gotten a lot of bad rap, and rightly so. The modern fragrance world allows hundreds of chemicals into proprietary recipes so you really have no idea what you might be putting on yourself.

We are proud to say all Blissoma products are free from synthetic fragrance. We use only natural essential oils for aromatic and therapeutic purposes in our recipes. The botanical essential oils are chosen carefully for their suitability for skin and effects as part of the total recipe. They have clarifying, toning, and anti-acne benefits and have the ability to penetrate easily and work within the skin. As part of our work to remain transparent to our customers we list every essential oil used in the skincare product on the label. Nothing is hidden behind a trade secret claim. You are enlightened and fully aware of what you are using.

Many people that are sensitive to synthetic fragrance find they can use scents again with our line. However some individuals can be sensitive even to essential oils. For those most sensitive clients we recommend the products in our Soothe Ecosystem which are all free from essential oils.

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Is your line gluten-free?

Yes, all Blissoma products are gluten-free.

We don't do any third party testing on final products but we do avoid most wheat based ingredients other than those where we've spoken to the supplier and determined there is no gluten.

One such ingredient that is wheat based but contains no gluten is the Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides in the emulsifier used for Awake and Amend. The glycosides come specifically from the straw, not the grain, and therefore there is no gluten as it is a separate part of the plant. That ingredient is also refined to a point where the glycosides are purified.

We use Certified Organic Grain Alcohol (190 proof) for our herbal extractions and equipment cleaning but there are no gluten proteins left remaining after distillation of a pure spirit like this. While flavored alcohols or alcohols of less potency can sometimes cause concern for celiacs or sensitive people this alcohol has been distilled to be as pure as possible for formulation purposes. Distillation does remove any gluten proteins when it has been done to such a degree. What you're left with is simply 95% ethanol plus 5% water.

Our Vitamin E is from GMO free Soy.

We don't use wheat germ oil or hydrolyzed wheat proteins.

The grains we use are Certified Organic brown rice flour and Certified Organic oats which both are gluten free grains. Some people have concerns about cross contamination especially with oats so if this is something you prefer to avoid we declare our products that contain oats very clearly and there are many other options in our line that use other ingredients. However according to Organic Certification Standards there should be no cross contamination as equipment is all supposed to be cleaned in between processing different organic products so that the organic integrity is assured. This is one reason we use only Certified Organic grains as it gives us greater assurance in their purity.

Everything else we use is not wheat based at all.

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I see Organic Grain Alcohol in some of your products. Isn't that bad and drying?

We use Organic Grain Alcohol to help create our special cold-process, liquid herb extracts.

All liquid herb extracts must be preserved somehow. Many companies purchase their extracts from other suppliers that preserve them with Sodium Benzoate and Phenoxyethanol. We decided to perform our herb extractions ourselves in the same fashion that many internal grade herb extracts are made by traditional herbalists. The Organic Grain Alcohol acts as a clean, nontoxic preservative for the total extract and also helps carry more of the medicinal compounds into the liquid.

Not all medicinal compounds can be dissolved in water, some only in alcohol. Therefore our extracts are more potent because we use a blend of water and alcohol.

The total amount of alcohol in our final products is generally a max of 2%. The facial toners are the only products at a higher level because they use it as their primary means of preservation. Used at a low percentage it is not damaging or irritating. It offers a way to create a clean, potent, biodegradable extract.

For shoppers who are sure they have a sensitivity to even low levels of alcohol our Soothe Ecosystem is entirely alcohol-free.

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Do you use Palm oil in your products?

Many Blissoma products are completely free of palm oil, and we work to minimize our use of this ingredient due to environmental concerns.

Unfortunately many raw materials in the cosmetic industry are based on palm oil, and it can be very difficult to find palm free options. An emulsifying ingredient like cetearyl alcohol commonly comes from palm, and often there are few options to have a choice in what oils are the base materials for compounds. One of our emulsifier suppliers has moved to using a certified RSPO mass balanced grade of palm oil for the cetearyl alcohol in the emulsifier we buy from them (cetearyl alcohol/cetearyl glucoside), but that is still palm based. It is at least a more responsible palm oil, though we know the RSPO system is not perfect.

Glycerin is another ingredient that often comes from palm oil. We have switched to purchasing our glycerin from a source that uses oils other than palm oil for their source material. That particular supplier was the only one we could currently find with a reasonably priced, non palm glycerin available in the quantities that we can purchase, so this supply situation is not as certain as we would like.

In 2019 when we repackaged our products we reformulated our bar soaps to be free of palm oil. They now use organic cocoa butter for hardness.

Our product line does offer options to create a complete skincare routine that is palm free. Our bar cleansers, toners, and facial oils like Restore and Flawless are all free of palm oil.

Overall this is an issue that affects the entire cosmetic industry and that has many facets.  Almost any emulsion based product may contain some palm based ingredients, and many surfactants are palm based as well.  Some people's skin may respond better to products that do include the performance properties that the palm based ingredients offer.

Palm fruit is also a very oil dense crop, so moving to non palm sources could decrease crop yields, and require more land for agriculture.  Switching to non palm ingredients may have the unintended effect of having even greater impact on animal habitats and forest cutting.

We are committed to continuing to re-evaluate our purchasing decisions and to be as responsible as we can about our sourcing.  

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Do you use silicones in your products?

All Blissoma brand products are completely free of silicone ingredients. It does not appear in any of our ingredients as a carrier or hidden ingredient either.

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Why aren't your products listed with the EWG Skin Deep Database?

Years ago when we first launched our skincare we did list our products with the EWG Skin Deep Database. It was a very time-consuming process, did not allow for easy editing of our product ingredients lists when changes occurred, and resulted in rankings that unfairly penalized us for declaring all the essential oils we use in our products. When we could not easily get our ingredients lists updated after an update to our preservation system we asked them to just remove us entirely.

Systems that rank cosmetic ingredients by numbers drastically oversimplify chemistry and misrepresent issues like concentration, allergy, and actual toxicity that all contribute to how a product works for people. We have found that the EWG system penalizes natural products like ours while rewarding synthetic products with new, unstudied ingredients resulting in unfair perception of natural products that have generations of safe use backing them.

The EWG ranking system is fundamentally flawed in one especially glaring way. They rank new ingredients with no safety data as a 0, which is their best possible ranking. Brands can then "game" the EWG system by using new, unstudied ingredients. With the number of new cosmetic compounds that come out each year this means that all a brand has to do is introduce new products with new ingredients each year and they could keep rankings artificially low. Many major brands introduce new lines with new ingredients in just this way to stay exciting and "cutting edge" so this encourages some of the worst possible behavior in the cosmetic industry in terms of consumer safety. There is no standard requirement for safety testing of cosmetic ingredients in the USA, so it could take years for data on adverse effects to come to light. By then people have already been hurt.

Natural brands using essential oils as part of an aroma or as an active part of a formulation are also penalized for doing so in many cases. Geranium essential oil is one they seem to particularly want to vilify by ranking it a 4, and rose oil they rank a 3, while other highly allergenic oils like rosewood and balsam peru that are known for causing skin rashes they rank as a 1.

None of this takes into account the percentage of use in the formula at all, which is a major factor in both toxicity and any potential for skin reaction. As even synthetic focused chemists will argue, "The dose makes the poison." Essential oils are often used only as a small percentage of a recipe in skincare, yet they skew the perception of the hazard involved with the final product. If a brand is using multiple essential oils in a blend they get a stack of high number rankings attached to a product that visually looks terrible to an end consumer even if the levels of use are minimal and totally within safe ranges.

This also fails to recognize that with most essential oils the problem is not actually toxicity, it is the potential for allergic reaction. These are two very different issues, and allergies are only an issue for some people, yet the high number rankings portray essential oils as a hazard to everyone. Their treatment of some essential oils is like ranking peanuts as hazardous just because some people have an allergy. For some people they are absolutely safe and nutritious, though, and can be a part of a very healthy diet. Not everyone needs to avoid them.

Our brand has chosen to educate customers in a more nuanced way about chemistry and safety issues. So far we have not yet seen a database and ranking system like this yet that we did not consider problematic. We understand why consumers appreciate the option to use them, but our stance is that chemistry just cannot be reduced to such a simplified ranking system.

We curate our products so they are quite obviously botanically based and make our ingredients lists readily available on our home site so customers can see for themselves what is included in our products. We hope is that when customers take a look it is easy to see that they are filled with recognizable substances that are known to be safe. We are always happy to answer any other questions that come up as well and we love that our client base is intelligent, inquisitive, and focused on creating the best possible life for themselves.

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Will your products really be effective for me? I've tried just about everything and feel so frustrated.

Our opinion is of course, yes, our products work and work well for most people. We feel the biggest factor in the success of our products for your particular problem is to use the right fit of products within our line for your skin type and needs.

A lot of skincare companies are mostly marketing and little substance. Blissoma is different. Instead of just throwing in a small percentage of active ingredients we construct our recipes entirely from functional and even cosmeceutical botanical ingredients. Everything in each recipe is functional and there with a methodology and purpose. You can see the vitamins and healing compounds in the color of the products. They're not white or clear. They're amber, golden, green, and orange. Those colors are the very real botanical ingredients that are effecting healthy change in your skin.

Our formulas "work" differently than others you may have tried. We didn't just repeat what years of cosmetic chemists have done. Instead we started from scratch with no preconceptions. Years of research and hard work fed our developments. The result is something unique.

Whether or not a particular item is the right fit for your skin is another matter. We clearly declare every ingredient so you can make an educated decision about which product will be right for you. If you have allergies to certain herbs or essential oils you'll be able to choose wisely. Most products have almost entirely different ingredients from one another as well, increasing your chances of finding something uniquely right for your skin. Most of our products are multifunctional for different skin types, making choosing the right item even easier.

We often hear from clients that their skin has done a complete 180-degree turnaround after using our products. They've gone from irritated to glowing, sometimes within a matter of 1 to 2 uses. This is the result we aim for with everyone. 2 weeks is a more common time period for full improvements.

Continued use of our line over time will prevent free radical damage that would otherwise age and wrinkle your skin. The best defense is a good offense, so start early and maintain your skin regularly. It's harder to undo damage than prevent it.

Some clients may experience an initial breakout as their skin adjusts and comes to equilibrium. Most clients tell us that the breakout may happen right away and then subside within a week, leaving their skin looking better than before.

Plants are powerful stuff. We know that not every product is right for everyone. If you find that one of our items isn't a fit for your skin type or sensitivities we are happy to offer a 30 day return/refund policy.

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Do I have to use only Blissoma products to get good results?

You can combine using Blissoma with other product lines. It will perform well as a part of virtually any skincare routine.

A product like our Restore Omega Miracle Facial Oil or Timeless Vitamin C Concentrate is even fabulous for recovery after intensive Medspa type treatments like lasers and peels. Because we do not use glycolic acids, retinols, or other ingredients that are aggravating to skin our products do not conflict with most other products.

For your health and maximum possible toxin reduction we hope that you will choose other organic and naturally based products when mixing our line with others.

Our products are made to work together well and will offer you a wide and varied range of nutrients for your skin when employed as a set. Each product has almost an entirely different set of ingredients. This means that when you use 3 and 4 items from our line you are getting the widest variety of botanicals. This is a lot like eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. You never overload on any one nutrient, but get a balanced and healthy range of many.

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How do I know which products I should choose for my skin?

Blissoma is a flexible, compact line so that it is incredibly easy to choose the right products for you. We have now grouped our products by Ecosystems that allow people to access the benefits of recipes that suit what their skin needs right at that time. The Ecosystems are: Sustain, Rescue, Soothe, Renew, and Defend.

This vitamin shot for skin helps you maintain lasting softness, hydration, and radiant health.
ACTION: Gives skin all the basics it needs on a daily basis for a naturally gorgeous glow.

Shop the Sustain Ecosystem

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Emergency assistance to deep cleanse pores, encourage a healthy microbiome, and correct troubled skin.
ACTION: Improves the appearance of redness, congestion, and imbalanced oil production to restore equilibrium.

Shop the Rescue Ecosystem

Advanced natural antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs, and raw plant oils to counteract stress and age-related damage.
ACTION: Improves the appearance of plumpness, firmness, elasticity, hormonal changes, discoloration, and fine lines.

Shop the Renew Ecosystem

A cocktail of super-powered, protective plants especially curated for skin exposed to sun and pollution.
ACTION: Infuses crucial antioxidants and shields with minerals to ward off damage from daily life.

Shop the Defend Ecosystem

If you have a mixed skin type or just feel like you need a bit of personal guidance you can get a holistic skin consultation with our staff esthetician and we'll help you create an assortment just right for you.

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Are your products suitable for men and women?

Yes, our products are unisex and well suited for men. The majority of our clients are women but we wouldn't want to leave our rough-and-tumble guys out.

The scents in our skincare are gender-free. Men tend to particularly be drawn to our Juniper Deodorant, Clean Pomegranate Supreme Facial Cleansing Bar, Awake Morning Firming Facial Moisture and Restore Omega Miracle Facial Oil. We've had carpenters use our our soap and trash collectors detox with our Refine Clay Renewal Treatment. It's skin love for one and all.

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Will your products work on BIPOC skin that contains more melanin?

Yes, absolutely. Our line is formulated to offer intensive nourishment and balancing to skin of any ethnicity and color.  Our supportive formulas will help even the appearance of darker skin and prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation.  Because we use a corneotherapeutic approach we create no risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and the nutrients in our products can often improve the appearance of existing dark spots.

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Which products should I use for day and night? What's the recommended routine?

This really depends on your preference. There is no one absolute answer.

We usually recommend a refreshing cleanse in the morning and at night. Some people may prefer to only cleanse once per day, which is also OK if their skin is working well with this rhythm.

You can use a toner after cleansing to prep your skin for moisturizer. It isn't mandatory though, mostly just recommended if you have used an alkaline cleanser like a soap.

Which moisturizer you use for day or night really depends on how your skin behaves during each of these times. We created Awake Morning Firming Facial Moisture and Peace Evening Calming Elixir as a firming/restorative daily duo. You can absolutely reverse them if you want.

Ask yourself if your skin is driest/most problematic during the day or at night. Use your richer product for the time when your skin is more stressed. You may wish to use Timeless Vitamin C Concentrate as a night treatment because it takes a little longer to absorb than some of the other moisturizers.

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I have acneic and oily skin. Will Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser be too heavy and make me break out? Is it really right for my skin type ?

Yes, people with oily and acneic skin can use Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser with generally great results. Fresh is a unique kind of cleanser, every different from even average cream cleansers in other lines. It is hydrating and moisturizing but it is also balancing to skin. It contains numerous ingredients that are highly beneficial for acneic skin including Willowbark extract and the Organic Brown Rice fiber to help remove dead skin cells. The essential oil blend deters growth of bacteria, tones pores, and is even able to work beneath the top layer of the skin to prevent the beginnings of pimples.

One of the problems that people with acneic skin experience is that their skin is often overdried by cleansers that are stripping the skin, and changing its Ph.

Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser has an acidic Ph that is in perfect harmony with your skin's natural, optimal conditions. It works like a cross between the Oil Cleansing Method, a powdered scrub, and a typical cleanser which is one of the reasons it's so effective and healing even for acneic skin types. The soothing Organic Sunflower, Apricot Kernal, and Coconut oils mix with the oils on your skin and lift off the excess oil and dirt effortlessly. Coconut oil, despite it's reputation as comedogenic, has a high content of Lauric Acid, which is beneficial for skin with acne to improve the microbiome.

Is Fresh a cleanser specifically designed to target and eliminate acne? No, that wasn't our main goal designing the recipe. Our main goal was to produce a recipe that was healing, balancing, and good for all skin types. Many people find their acne is eliminated when they are using Fresh because their skin is so balanced and soothed. If you suffer from severe acne cleansing may not be the only key to your total solution, which may include internal imbalance issues as well as external. Fresh will at minimum not harm severe acne conditions, and indeed will not be negative for any skin type unless you have a specific allergy or sensitivity to one of the individual botanical ingredients or essential oils. The full ingredients list is declared so you can review it in full in case of any allergies.

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How often should I use Refine Clay Renewal Treatment?

For normal or untroubled skin types we recommend Refine Clay Renewal Treatment be used once a week as a general detoxification, exfoliation, and restorative treatment.

If you have acneic skin or if you tend to get dry, flaky skin you can use it more frequently. Twice or three times a week will be a big help in controlling these problems. You can also apply it as a spot treatment even daily to blemishes. It will fight inflammation and redness and help the blemish heal faster.

Refine also contains herbs that will help lighten dark spots. Twice to three times a week or spot treatments to the specific pigmented area will help encourage the skin to renew itself. Please be patient - pigment problems take time to heal and the goal is to create healthy new skin, not to be so aggressive that the skin is irritated further.

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When should I apply serums in my skincare routine?

Serums are generally very nutrition dense products that offer extra anti-aging and healing benefits. As such they are usually applied to bare, clean skin to allow your skin the best chance to absorb all the vitamins, antioxidants, and other intensive compounds in the recipe.

However, in general we recommend applying products in order of least oil to most oil. This would mean an oil serum like our Restore Omega Miracle Facial Oil would either be used alone or applied last, as it is made of 100% oils. Oils create a lipid barrier on the skin which seals it to some degree, making it harder for water based ingredients to penetrate. This is a wonderful property for protecting your skin. To get the best benefit out of your water based products you should apply them before very oil rich products though.

Our serums that have only a little or no oil are: Aura Phyto Brightening Serum and Smooth A+ Correcting Serum. These two products should be applied to freshly washed skin for optimal absorption.

Aura Phyto Brightening Serum is generally used in the morning prior to sun exposure to boost your skin's natural defenses against UV damage. It can be used by any skin type and is very lightweight. After it absorbs layer your final moisturizer on top of it to finish your routine.

Smooth A+ Correcting Serum can be used twice a day by oily, acneic, and problem skin types. For oily skin types it may be the only finishing and hydrating product you choose to use. If you have acne and dry skin use Smooth first and then apply your richer moisturizer over the top.

Restore Omega Miracle Facial Oil can be used alone as a complete moisturizer, mixed into other moisturizers to make them richer, or used as a spot treatment around the eyes. To use it alone dispense a few drops into the palm of your hand and disperse on your fingers and palm. Pat the oil residue onto freshly cleansed skin to fully moisturize. Many clients choose to use this product at night to allow it more time to fully absorb and plump the skin. You can also use a drop patted around the eye area to reduce fine lines. Restore can be applied over the top of any of our cream moisturizers if you feel your skin needs more protection and nourishment as well.

Bright Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum is made especially for your eye area. Use it on freshly washed skin twice a day before applying other moisturizers. Dispense 1 pump into your palm and using your index and middle fingers get a little serum on them and pat into the crows foot, under eye, and eyelid areas. You can also use it on hyperpigmented areas to gradually give a brighter appearance to them because of the Vitamin C content. Layer your other moisturizer products onto the rest of the face to finish your routine.

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How do I know I can trust your line?

Trust is something that in the beauty industry has been abused. We hope to heal not only your skin but the relationship between client and company so you can feel secure that what you purchase from us is entirely positive.

Our company isn't a giant corporation or a marketing group creation. We're a group of heart-filled, wellness-seeking, adventuresome and awed people just like you. We desire a life that is authentic, affordable, and healthy. Our goal is to heal you, add to your confidence, and help you feel superbly amazing about yourself every day because that's what we want for ourselves too.

Blissoma is endorsed by numerous third party groups and experts, so it's not just us tooting our own horn. Some of the most selective natural beauty and green lifestyle media sources have gotten behind Blissoma products with cheerleading zeal they reserve for only the best of the best.

Our products really speak for themselves as well. It's easy to see, smell, and feel that they're not your average run-of-the-mill, copycat skincare. We don't rely on an outside manufacturer either - measuring, pouring, mixing and packaging is all done by a Blissoma team member. Beginning to end we know everything in each product and why it is all there.

From here we'll let you decide. Visit our Facebook pageSend an email directly to our team or call us and chat by phone. If you're not ready to join hands and jump just yet we'll wait for you. Hang around the edges and watch what we do. We know what's real about us will resonate with you sooner or later. Your trust is some precious stuff. We'll be happy to earn it.

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Do you offer free samples of your products?

We apologize but we are not able to offer free samples mailed to customers due to the large number of requests and the high cost of postage and the samples themselves. We do often include small samples as we have them available in paid orders as a special thank you to purchasing customers and to allow them to try more of our line.

If you are interested in samples or trial sizes of our products you can acquire them in the following ways:

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Where can I purchase your products?

Blissoma products are sold through our own website, through more than 150 spas and esthetics locations in the USA and select online natural beauty retailers.  International clients have a growing range of local options now as well with stockists in Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong. See our full website and store listing on our Locations page.

Know someplace near you that you'd like to be able to purchase Blissoma? Please recommend our line to them. It's good karma all around!

Nuciya Natural Beauty offers free shipping deals on international orders to most countries: Nuciya.com

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Do you give to charity?

Blissoma donates to charitable causes largely in our hometown of St. Louis, MO. We believe in working locally as there are great needs even within our own community. Our production studio is located in a revitalizing urban neighborhood. 

We also donate to and source ingredients from Earthdance, a nonprofit organic agricultural apprenticeship program run on a 100 year old farm in Ferguson, MO. Founded by Molly Rockamann, this program trains dozens of "Farmies" each year who then go out and spread organic techniques through their personal gardens, community plots, and professional farming.

In 2020 we donated 3% of our annual summer sale proceeds to A Red Circle and Jamaa Birth Village to support revitalization and healing in black communities in St. Louis.

We also donate to environmental organizations like the National Resources Defense Council, Rainforest Foundation US, and Rainforest Action Network to help preserve the earth, which is our source of breath, medicine, food, and shelter.

Each year we support local and national charities with product donations for fundraising purposes.  We also donate aging product to local shelters for those in need.

If you have a charitable endeavor you believe we should know about and support feel free to contact us. We prioritize St. Louis based projects and endeavors that enhance organic culture and widen access to healthy lifestyles for underserved populations. Feel free to move and inspire our hearts with your endeavors. We always love hearing about good stuff going on in the world.

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What makes Blissoma a truly green and ecological company?

We try to approach the issue of ecology and sustainability from many angles and will always be working at improving.

  • As of 2019 we get about 75-80% of our electricity from our own solar panels on our roof.
  • Our ingredients are mostly organic. That means less pesticides and herbicides polluting the ground and waterways both during production of the base ingredients and when they are washed down the drain as you use them.
  • Our products are all biodegradable.
  • We are sourcing as many herbs as we can from independent, regenerative farms to reduce carbon in getting supplies to us, and also to assist with carbon sequestration. Regenerative farming puts more carbon back in the soil than regular organic farming. As of 2020 we have 4 such independent growers as suppliers and hope to grow that number more as time goes on.
  • We use primarily recyclable, non toxic packaging components of glass and aluminum. Plastic is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Our boxes are printed on chipboard that comes from certified sustainably managed forests, and are easily recyclable.
  • Our soy candle labels were printed on New Leaf 100% recycled paper stock.
  • We have had our headquarters in two historic buildings over the years, and have renovated each of them using green and historically appropriate methods.
  • We recycle boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, peanuts and more in our shipping from anything that comes into our studio.
  • We recycle both plastic and glass ingredient containers, reuse what we can adequately clean, print a minimum of office paper, and recycle office paper.
  • We are a web based company and use a minimal amount of printed flyers and cards to promote our company, instead using our website as a primary resource.

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I'm an esthetician who would like to go natural with my facial services. How can I get started with Blissoma?

First of all, congratulations for considering this important transition in your business!

The holistic esthetician world is growing quickly, and we are honored to be helping more skincare professionals transition their business to healthy products and gentle methods.

We offer suggested facial protocols and direct communication with our founder/formulator so you can devise your new plans. Low purchase minimums are a prime feature we offer so you can conserve your precious resources.

You can learn more about how to position and communicate about adding or switching entirely to "green beauty" products through our helpful blog article:
"Healthy Growth - How estheticians can position, market, and communicate in the expanding green beauty industry"

To request samples and wholesale information so you can get started please contact us! For more details on becoming a wholesale Blissoma client visit our Wholesale Clients page.

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I'm a blogger. Can I review Blissoma?

Absolutely! We welcome the grassroots commentary of the blog community. To qualify for press samples your blog should have an established, enthusiastic, responsive following.

For interviews and questions with Julie Longyear send an email detailing your query.

Get in touch with our blogger liason at reviews@blissoma.com.

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