Restore - Omega Miracle Facial Oil



It's not necessary to use a lot of oil for daily routines.  Videos showing influencers dripping oils and serums down their cheeks encourage overuse of product.  Instead we recommend a technique of patting the oil into the skin.

Start with clean skin and apply your favorite toner.  Using a hydrating toner is also a crucial part of using oil to moisturize, as your skin needs both oil and water.  We have 3 great toner options to pair with our oils.  Without a water based product in your routine the skin can get dehydrated over time.

For daily moisturization dispense 2-5 drops into your hand.  Rub your hands together to spread the oil and then press your hands gently onto facial skin, moving them around to distribute the oil well. Your skin will take what it needs.  Share the oil with your neck and decollete as well.

If you use Restore for facial massage or Gua Sha you'll likely need at least 5-6 drops since the neck is almost always included in massage routines.

Restore can be mixed into our other moisturizers for an extra boost of nourishment. Use around the eye area as desired.

Each 1.27 oz container is approximately a 3-4 month supply when used once daily for moisturizing. Gua Sha and facial massage will use the oil more quickly. (But it's totally worth it!)


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