Blisoma holistic skincare is certified cruelty free and vegan, made with solar power, all natural and contains no petrochemicals, uses a majority of organic and regeneratively farmed ingredients, and has no hidden ingredients so you can shop for your sensitive skin without worry.


Our products restore skin to balance through the scientific and sacred relationship between plants and people. The first touch envelops you in blossom, berry, bark, and root. Freshly made extracts offer a higher, more complete level of phytonutrients. We combine cutting edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge for the best of both worlds.

Our focus on raw plant ingredients means that each of our products contains 75% or more active ingredients.  This drastically exceeds the cosmetic industry norm of 5% - 20% actives.

Phytonutrients rebuild the skin barrier, provide deep hydration, balance skin oils, reduce the appearance of redness and breakouts, and help you create the most vibrant, resilient skin you've ever had.


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We specialize in targeted care for demanding skin types. If you suffer from extremely sensitive skin, allergies, or other skin problems we can help.  You deserve to feel good about your skin.

We have successfully helped thousands of people develop a happy relationship with their skin.  Improving the look of acne, rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and more is all possible with plant nutrition. 

Results can be achieved in days to months depending on your particular skin challenge.  We love seeing your skin transformations, and hearing about the changes you see.  We know what a drastic difference it makes to have clear, calm skin.


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Blissoma is independently owned, independently managed, and vertically-integrated. Step by step we have guided our own growth. No one else owns our integrity. We strongly value people over profits. 

We believe in holistic benefit to everyone we impact including our suppliers, staff, animals, and the environment.  Our staff is trained to communicate with empathy and kindness, making each interaction healing.  

Our brand is supportive of social and racial justice initiatives and we believe everyone is beautiful, important, and deserving of respect. We offer empowering, understanding care for people of all colors, sexual orientations and identities, and cultural backgrounds.  We love your uniqueness!


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"For every person there are the perfect plants - matches made in ancient times as we evolved alongside one another. This subtle, synergistic bond is a source of tremendous healing and my personal inspiration." - JULIE, BLISSOMA FOUNDER & HERBAL CHEMIST


We do things a differently than most of the cosmetic industry. That makes a big difference for your skin.

We extract our own herbs at customized potencies without heavy processing. Our extractions yield more medicinal compounds from each plant and preserve them for you. We are also able to avoid additional preservatives because of our fresh, on-demand process.

Many skincare brands never mix a batch of their own product, and would have no idea if a lower quality ingredient was used or corners were cut to increase profit for co-packers. 

We continue to make our own products because it keeps us close to the herbs and allows us complete control over ingredient quality and concentration.  Our herbal kitchen staff is highly skilled and trains for months to be able to create your products.


Beauty doesn't have to hurt. We know that the best results come from being so supportive to the body that it can’t help but thrive.

Instead of scrubbing, poking, peeling we create space for your skin to find balance. When skin is balanced it looks its best.

Most of the beauty industry is based on a philosophy of self-punishment, self-criticism, and "controlled damage".  Skin is often subjected to risky procedures that remove the stratum corneum, decimate the microbiome, and attempt to create a forced healing response.  

Blissoma products are made to be profoundly kind and compassionate to skin. We know that the body is always trying to heal and all we have to do is provide it the right conditions. Our self love skin philosophy provides results without risk.


Our recipes are made with special skin in mind, and we guide clients to their perfect products. Your skin will love that we never use petroleum ingredients, synthetic fragrance, nuts, or gluten in our products. We even know botanical allergens to better help our plant sensitive crew.

Do you have a specific allergy like to linalool?  You can put your allergen into the Search function on our site to determine which products you need to avoid.  

We have Aloe-Free skincare products and totally unscented skincare products.

Our on-staff esthetician can help you create a customized skincare routine perfect for your sensitive skin.


We use herbs from dozens of organic farms around the world including regenerative farms like La Colina Linda in Cobden, IL and Oshala Farm in Oregon.  We use and compost over 250 lbs of herbs each year, creating nutrition for your skin and sending our waste back to the Earth. 

Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility boasts a solar array that produces the majority of the power that we use to create, market, and ship your products.  Our product boxes are made with FSC Certified paperboard to ensure sustainable planting of trees.

Our formulas are biodegradable and we use toxin-free, microbiome-friendly preservation methods that are safe for sensitive skin to help you avoid skin irritation.

Blissoma is a Cruelty-Free brand and all the products we manufacture are Vegan. 


All ingredients in our products are proudly declared on our website and on our products. We exceed FDA labeling requirements by declaring all preservatives for individual ingredients so that you can make intelligent decisions about what you choose to put on your body.

Nothing is hidden.


Our St. Louis herbal studio is where all the whole-plant magic happens.

Our skilled staff creates small batches with care from our unique recipes.  We work directly with the herbs that go in your products to create potent, effective extracts that give you the clear, healthy results you want.

For just a portion of our thousands of success stories visit our Love Letters page.

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