Holistic Facial Beauty Benefits – 10 reasons you need natural facial treatment and skin care from a professional holistic esthetician to keep skin beautiful right now

Holistic Facial Beauty Benefits – 10 reasons you need natural facial treatment and skin care from a professional holistic esthetician to keep skin beautiful right now

(Photo credit @Livewildfilms - Esthetician Taleaha Von Slaughter of Sacred Skin Therapy gives a holistic facial to a client, @sacredskin_therapy)

There are thousands of skin care products available for shoppers to choose from, and having a “spa night” is a common treat for a relaxing evening at home. With all the masks, exfoliants, serums and peels that can be purchased for at-home use a facial service from a holistic esthetician might seem superfluous. But if you are serious about keeping skin beautiful nothing could be further from the truth. The beauty benefits of a professional holistic facial will blow your at-home facial treatments away.

Anyone with a goal of clear, glowing skin should absolutely have a relationship with a skilled holistic esthetician, and should be getting natural facial treatments on a routine basis. A holistic esthetician will help you take your results to the next level, and will help you do it at a better value and with more enjoyment than if you tried to create similar results at home.

Let’s explore the reasons why seeing a holistic skin care professional is worth your time, money, and trust.

Why you need natural facial treatment and skin care from a professional holistic esthetician to keep skin beautiful right now

1. Extensive study builds incredible skills to keep skin beautiful

Natural facial treatments with holistic skin care can help make and keep skin beautiful, a client of Skincare by Ashley is happy with her holistic facial results

(Photo credit @skincarebyashley, a happy client of Skincare by Ashley's natural facial treatments)

You wouldn’t let someone who has only worked a saw a couple times build you a house, nor would you let someone who has only seen lawyers argue cases in movies defend you in court. This would devalue the time, experience, and study that a professional puts in, and could also land you in jail or with a crooked, collapsed building! Similarly thinking that an average person is enough of a skin care expert to get the best results is often a recipe for breakouts, irritation, and other problems.

Estheticians attend school to learn about the biology of the skin, how it builds and feeds cells, and how best to work with it. Different states have varying requirements for how long an esthetician will study before they can apply for licensing, but the national average is 650 hours of study. Most holistic estheticians then take numerous continuing education classes to further their knowledge about natural facial treatments, and the best estheticians maintain a constant passion for learning about skin, the human body, and skincare chemistry. There is always more to learn as new scientific studies come out. With ever-evolving information it is invaluable to work with someone who is keeping on top of all of it.

In addition an esthetician will spend many hours working directly with clients who have a wide variety of skin types and skin problems. All the situations they see inform their knowledge base in priceless ways, helping them extrapolate the fastest, most efficient way to great results. They have probably seen someone with your exact problem before and already solved it. That means you get the benefit of that experience in your holistic facial.

2. Holistic estheticians know the right skin care products at the right times for the right people.

The skin care industry knows that the average person is not a chemist or a skin care professional. They put products in pretty bottles with their hero ingredients highlighted to try and show you the quality, but unfortunately even a bad product can have a pretty package. Even the ingredients list can be manipulated to make it look better than the product actually is, so label reading is not a sure defense against bad skin care products.  It is a difficult task for a shopper to stay informed. 

You can read articles by bloggers and magazines, but the media often loves to promote single skin care ingredients in snappy soundbites, and focuses mostly on trends. But the latest trendy ingredient might not be right for your skin.

Without the knowledge of a trained esthetician you are shooting in the dark when you try to purchase skin care products from the vast sea of options out there. People spend a lot of time and money guessing and hoping which products may be right for them. Shoppers often fall victim to marketing claims and purchase products their skin doesn’t need or like, causing painful reactions, frustration, and wasting money. Many half used bottles and jars of skin care collect in the bathrooms of people after they fail to produce desired results. It would be so much simpler to go see a skin care professional and let them help you choose the right path.

Estheticians have a larger breadth of knowledge that helps them choose the holistic skin care products they will work with. They also spend a great deal of time researching products and training on the ones they choose so that they understand the best ways to use them, and who they are right for. A good esthetician knows how to interpret a skin care ingredients list, and knows which ingredients will be right for which skin types and problems.

3. Holistic estheticians use higher quality, stronger potency natural skin care products

Holistic skin care products made with professional strength herb extracts are used by holistic estheticians in natural facial treatments to help you get beautiful skin

Estheticians can purchase unique, stronger, and better quality holistic skin care products than the general public can, and these can help them create beautiful skin in less time. 

 Sometimes the potency of skin care product that an esthetician uses would be misused by at-home clients, or has specific routines or recovery steps that must be implemented in order for the right results to be achieved. Manufacturers give skin care professionals these more advanced products because they are trained to use them properly. 

 The herb extracts, nutrients, and delivery system in a professional grade holistic skin care product are generally superior to products created for mass market distribution in drug, grocery, and department stores as well. Estheticians depend on their holistic skin care products to help them deliver results their clients can see, so they make sure they are choosing brands that have special formulations with fresh, nutritious extracts that really work.

4. Holistic estheticians have specific skin care tools that improve results

Natural Gua Sha stone tools are used in holistic facials by holistic estheticians for facial massage to enhance the benefits of a facial

(Photo credit @karmin.innovative.esthetics, gua sha natural stone facial tools used by holistic esthetician Karmin Keller of Innovative Wellness)

Whether it’s a steamer to open pores and improve penetration of product, a special Gua Sha stone, or a Galvanic machine estheticians have sophisticated tools at their disposal that will improve your overall results and help you create beautiful skin. The latest buzzing gadget that you have seen sold on TV is no match for the significant investments that an esthetician makes for their facial treatment room. Like with any tool the value comes not just from having it but from knowing just how to use it. A very high tech camera in the hands of a novice will still result in mediocre photos. It is the skill of a skin care professional that takes the results from ho-hum to stunning.

Some holistic estheticians may use mostly their hands to generate results, but even just massage and tissue manipulation by hand can be incredibly sophisticated. Estheticians invest thousands of dollars and many hours learning methods like Manual Lymph Drainage and advanced acupressure techniques.  And speaking of technique….

5. Holistic estheticians know how to work deeply with the skin without causing irritation.

As mentioned above it’s not just the tools you have but how you use them that matters. While the average person can learn basic massage for self care there is deeper work that should only be done by someone with precise training. That is because deep work has the possibility of causing complications and problems if it is not done by someone that knows exactly how to work with the body.  Many Youtube "Beauty Gurus" give how-tos on facial treatment techniques, but often get it wrong because they are just repeating what they saw someone else do without learning about the structure and function of the body parts they are working with. 

Applying deep pressure to the body can cause muscles to relax or to tense up depending on how it is done. A holistic esthetician who has received extensive training will know exactly how to work with the tissues in an advanced way so that the client receives beautiful skin benefits and not more problems. It’s like working with a yoga teacher who knows how to customize poses and make adjustments so that you can do advanced poses without hurting yourself. You can stretch on your own, but it’s not the same, and you stand a much bigger chance of straining the body.

There is usually a specific progression of movements designed to encourage the body to release tension and fluids.  It works with the complex systems of muscle, lymph, and fascia. A novice attempting to create a similar effect could cause bruising, fluid buildup and more tightness, so it is best for at-home users to stick to lighter touch.

When done with skill deep tissue manipulation can produce results similar to a facelift as muscles unclench and the face moves back into a more natural, resilient position! That makes it worth your while to go see a professional holistic esthetician to do this deeper work and receive bigger benefits.

6. The process used and time invested are as important to getting beautiful results as skin care products are.

A steamer is used by a holistic esthetician during natural facial treatments with holistic skin care to enhance how skin care products absorb

(Photo credit  @skincarebyashley, a facial steam in progress at Skincare by Ashley's natural facial treatments)

Faster is not always better.  Our world has become rushed and impatient, and people often fail to appreciate the value of investing time in an intentional way, but putting in quality time is one of the only ways to get the body to respond with deep healing.

It can be as simple as how products absorb into the skin. You can use a holistic skin care product at home, but if your skin is dehydrated it will absorb much less of the nutrition from that product. It can take 10 minutes just for the skin to become hydrated enough to allow more efficient transfer of nutrients through the Stratum Corneum. The simple fact that a facial allows 30 to 60 minutes for the skin to stay hydrated, and to apply a succession of nutritious products means that your absorption and benefits will be enhanced. 

The reality is that most people, when on their own, will not invest the amount of time needed in skin hydration, in tissue manipulation, or in relaxation to receive the kinds of benefits that are possible with a longer, professional natural facial treatment. You can do a mask at home but often there are interruptions, or you don’t also fit in time for a steam or massage at the same time.

Estheticians also know how to layer natural facial treatment techniques so that the skin is fully prepared to receive the most benefit from each one. Each step builds on the previous one, like a piece of music that moves toward a gorgeous and moving crescendo.

7. Touch from another person causes nervous system responses we cannot duplicate on our own.

Facial massage is important during a natural facial with a holistic esthetician. Holistic skin care products like massage oil are applied to the face and the holistic esthetician strokes the facial skin with stone tools to increase circulation so the client can have beautiful skin

(Photo credit  @karmin.innovative.esthetics, a facial massage in progress by holistic esthetician Karmin Keller of Innovative Wellness)

When we are touched by another person our bodies respond with releases of specific hormones like oxytocin that help with relaxation and rejuvenation. Touch is something that people are evolved to benefit from, and is an integral part of human health.

You cannot duplicate the effects of the touch of another person on your own, even if you self massage. Your nervous system knows it is your own hand touching you and the hormone release and nervous system effect is not the same.

We live in a very touch deprived society, and for some people a professional service like a natural facial treatment might be one of the only times they receive touch. It is incredibly beneficial to our bodies and brains to receive this kind of care from another person.

Therapeutic touch helps the body move out of the sympathetic nervous system response (fight/flight) and into parasympathetic nervous system response (rest/digest). The physical response to therapeutic touch can create a more relaxed mental state, better mood and reduced anxiety, improves digestion, spurs toxins to be flushed and fluids to be renewed, and improves sleep. All of these things mean a more glowing, healthful appearance to the skin.

8. Holistic estheticians often have training in nutrition and complementary fields that can fast track your natural facial treatment results.

The health and beauty of skin involves much more than just topical skin care products and techniques. Your body is a connected system with each part affecting others.  Skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, rough texture, flaking skin, redness, swelling, darkness under the eyes, loss of tone, and hyperpigmentation generally have their roots within other body systems. The immune system, digestion, and hormone balance are all big players in keeping skin from having big problems.

Many conventional estheticians only work with more surface skin techniques, but a holistic esthetician will often have nutrition training, and will be able to offer you advice and a complete plan to address skin problems from the inside and outside. An inner and outer approach will yield much faster, more effective results to clear skin. One study found that attention to healing the digestive system helped people with acne see improvements in their skin twice as fast.

If you have any kind of chronic skin problem then nutrition assistance should be something you seek. Look for certifications from the Institute for Holistic Nutrition, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or a comparable program when you are looking for a skin professional to work with. If your holistic esthetician does not have this training then ask them if they can refer you to a qualified professional that can work in tandem with the natural facial treatments you receive.

9. Commitment to working with an esthetician will help you follow through and see the beautiful skin results you want.

For many people creating the healthy, beautiful skin they want is not a one-and-done facial treatment situation. Clear, healthy, radiant skin requires the right care on an ongoing basis in the hands of a professional, and at home. When you make a commitment to work with an esthetician for a series of natural facial treatments you make a valuable investment in yourself, and you demonstrate your commitment to your own wellness.

The body heals at its own pace, and some skin problems will take time to correct. A new skin cell takes approximately 28 days to reach the top layer of skin cells. That means that many of the benefits that come from quality skin care will really start to be visible over the course of weeks, and further improvements can be seen even beyond that as inflammation is reduced and cells can function more efficiently.

Many holistic estheticians will offer packages of 4 or more natural facial treatments to clients, and they may want to see you in the treatment room on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis to kick start the process of rejuvenation. A commitment to ongoing care is the extra energy that will take you from frustrated to fabulous.

When you are seeing a skin professional on a routine basis you are also more likely to be accountable about following through with proper care for your skin at home. Always use the skin care products your holistic esthetician recommends for your home skin care routine. This will ensure that you are not undoing their good work. You’ll also be more likely to stick to your daily routine and take the time to do things like remove makeup when you know you have to report back to your esthetician soon.

10. Getting a holistic facial feels amazing, and is a healthy, sustainable self-care treat.

A natural facial treatment room of a holistic esthetician at Primrose Esthetics where clients enjoy the benefits of a holistic facial and keep skin beautiful

(Photo credit @primroseesthetics, the natural facial treatment room at Primrose Esthetics where holistic esthetician Leigh Brandemihl works)

Sometimes the only reason you need to do something is simply that it feels good. It’s the biggest reason people do many things in life. All too often, though, the “splurges” our society endorses are less than healthy. Indulgences like excessive alcohol, rich and sugary foods, and shopping sprees often cause even more problems and leave us depleted. Holistic facials are a sustainable and luxurious treat with no drawbacks. They’re good from every angle.

Many first time facial customers are so happy afterward that they wonder why they took so long to get one. Relaxing in caring hands is deeply comforting in a world filled with stress and anxiety. A holistic facial treatment room is a safe and tranquil retreat for you. The soft music, beautiful light, warm towels, and natural aromas of essential oils combine to lull and delight your senses. You emerge from each natural facial treatment with restored, hydrated, firmed, and glowing skin and also with a blissful smile, and as Audrey Hepburn’s wisdom tells us, “Happy girls are the prettiest.”

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to find a holistic esthetician and invest in a professional natural facial treatment.  Visit our Locations page to find a natural skin professional near you and begin your journey to beautiful skin.  The best time to start was yesterday.  The second best time is right now.

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