Pure Anada Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow

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Pressed mineral eye shadow from Pure Anada
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Available in matte and demi-matte shades


You'll love the silky texture and longevity of these beautiful shadows. Mineral pigments and organic Jojoba are pressed together to create a convenient, long-wearing mineral eyeshadow.  For affordability and range of colors these simply cannot be beat and customers come back for them again and again.

These come without a compact, so if you don't already have a magnetic compact you'll need to get one.

We sell individual eyeshadow compacts, and 8 of these natural pressed eyeshadows will fit into the personal sized compact, or you can fit 4 eyeshadows and 1 pressed blush.

The professional sized compact will hold a lot too, so if you love having a huge range of colors fill it up and have fun!
Pure Anada natural mineral eyeshadow pressed eyeshadow color chart - natural makeup for sensitive skin, cruelty free vegan makeup