Moonstone Notched Gua Sha Tool


Our Moonstone Gua Sha tools are handmade for us by fairly paid artisans in India. They have a variegated, milky tone to them and a notched edge that you can use to loosen tension in fascia.

Facial Gua Sha comes from an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique to stimulate circulation and energy within the skin and tissues of the body. It is useful for flushing waste fluids and encouraging repair. Results from a Gua Sha session include a firmer appearance and healthy glow to skin. Long term practice of this technique can help skin resist sagging.

Basic Gua Sha can be learned by anyone and is easy to do at home as part of your healthy skin routine.  You can learn a Gua Sha routine from a Blissoma esthetician in our helpful tutorial video.

The tools come with a velvet storage bag.