Cruelty Free Products Protect Animal Rights

Cruelty Free Products Protect Animal Rights

Cruelty free, vegan cosmetics are our bread and (dairy free) butter.

We stock our St. Louis storefront with a range of animal friendly products to support animal rights and protest all forms of animal testing.

Blissoma is a Cruelty-Free brand.  None of our finished products are ever tested on animals (only our formulator, staff volunteers, and friends) and our raw materials suppliers must also certify that they are not testing anything they sell to us on animals.  The EU adopting anti-animal testing legislation as of 2013 has been a huge help as many ingredient suppliers want access to that cosmetics market, and are complying with those laws.

With the recent adoption of our bunny, Blossom, we hope to educate others on the importance of shopping cruelty free. 

Rabbits just like Blossom are subject to the abuse of animal testing in laboratories across this country and the world. The most common animals used for animal testing are rabbits (like our Blossom) and, sickly enough, beagles which is why groups like the Beagle Freedom Project exist. These animals are chosen because they are gentle and easy to keep in laboratory settings. They are victimized for their friendly dispositions which is a stroke of incredibly painful irony.

Over 170,000 rabbits are abused in US laboratories every year, and there are 383 labs in the U.S. that use nearly 70,000 dogs every year (of which 96% are beagles).

The topic of animal testing that occurs on consumer products and ingredients is a topic that deserves discussion by any and all people that understand the value of animal life, and to be brought to those that may not understand yet as well. Rabbits like Blossom have corrosive substances dripped into their eyes, receive skin burns, and are neglected and never receive love during their sad, short lives. Most laboratory animals are put to death after being used in experiments, like the beagles used for medical research at Mizzou who were blinded on purpose and then put to death after the treatment administered failed to restore their sight.

How is it possible that this kind of torture continues? It's because it occurs in labs out of the sight of many consumers who just don't realize it is happening. We see a product on a shelf and not the sad, lonely rabbits in labs that suffered for its creation.

Animal testing also continues because the Chinese government mandates animal testing on cosmetic products. Some brands simply elect not to sell into China or other markets that may require testing, but bigger brands are often lured in by the temptation of the huge market potential of the Chinese population. That's what happened with Avon, Mary Kay, and Estee Lauder. They do not test in the USA market, but do test in China. To many Cruelty-free shoppers that is deceptive and simply unacceptable. Cruelty is cruelty, no matter on which continent it happens.

We adopted Blossom to help people connect products with the very real, beautiful, loving, and honestly magically healing creatures that are suffering in the name of "beauty". Now when our customers walk in, they will be able to put a face to the name: the victims of animal cruelty. Anyone that has spent time with Blossom has experienced how calming she is. We lovingly term time with her "bunny therapy" because sitting and petting her for 15 minutes leaves folks completely blissed out. Curious and loving, she offers our team emotional support and hours of entertainment. Blossom spends her days at the store, chewing on paper towel rolls and cuddling the staff. She and her kind are worth treating well. They literally hurt no one, so the least we can do is return the favor.

We're asking you to pledge with us to shop for Cruelty-free products and to share information on why people should go Cruelty-free with friends.

This is one small thing you can do to benefit bunnies, beagles and more creatures. Since we live in a capitalist economy one of the best ways to affect change is to change consumer behavior.

When you vote with your dollars companies listen.

Help Blossom prevent animal cruelty by going Cruelty-free

We create cruelty free cosmetics to protect the lives of bunnies, beagles, and all other animals tortured in the name of beauty. 

Blossom has been a wonderful addition to the Blissoma family.  

Animal testing is not a victimless crime! Shop cruelty free