65 Reasons to love shopping with Blissoma natural and holistic skincare

65 Reasons to love shopping with Blissoma natural and holistic skincare

"I want to be my best, strongest, most authentic, conscious, and loving self."

We love getting up every day and working to make the world a better place. Sure, we make super pure, herbal products that outperform conventional brands but there is SO much more to love about what we do and how we do it. At least 64 more reasons to love us to be exact...

Blissoma products do not use:
  1. Hormone disrupting chemicals
  2. Petrochemicals
  3. Ethoxylated surfactant chemicals like polysorbates
  4. Ingredients tainted by 1,4 dioxane
  5. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) ingredients
  6. Irradiated ingredients
  7. Synthetic preservatives
  8. Synthetic fragrances
  9. Pthalates
  10. Strong acids
  11. Retinols
  12. Triclosan or Triclocarban
  13. Animal ingredients
  14. Animal testing

    Blissoma natural skincare and body products do contain:
  1. Natural vitamins
  2. Natural minerals
  3. Antioxidant-rich botanical extracts
  4. Calming seed oils with omega fatty acids
  5. Phytonutrients that stimulate skin repair
  6. Plant-based, no toxin preservatives
  7. Higher concentrations of medicinal compounds
  8. Freshly processed, whole-plant ingredients
  9. Active, live fruit and vegetable enzymes
  10. Scientifically proven, trademarked ingredients like Pomella (TM)
  11. Stabilized, bioavailable and time-release vitamins
  12. Truly natural, plant wax emulsifiers that often have EcoCert Certification as natural ingredients
  13. A majority of Certified Organic botanicals
  14. Unrefined, cold-extracted, raw plant ingredients

Blissoma natural aromatherapy candles use aluminum containers that are recyclable and reusable once the essential oil scented soy candle is burned

    We are sustainable and ecological because we:
  1. Use recyclable containers and packaging
  2. Employ wind-powered printing for our boxes
  3. Print on sustainably sourced chipboard
  4. Use recycled paper for our office
  5. Compost all herb fiber waste created during extractions
  6. Recycle shipping boxes and other waste material
  7. Purchase from farms that do not use pesticides and herbicides
  8. Create 100% biodegradable products that don't accumulate in waterways
  9. Produce on-demand batches of products to minimize spoilage and send you the freshest possible product

Blissoma pays fair wages to our employees who produce our natural skincare and natural body care products and purchases organic, sustainable ingredients from other independent businesses

    Your purchases fund:
  1. Fair pay for our employees
  2. A company health insurance plan
  3. Flexible work hours
  4. Training and research so we can keep informed about the latest research on plants and nutrition.
  5. Supply purchases from other ethical small businesses
  6. The maintenance and repair of 2 historic buildings (our original production location in Hyde Park and now our new retail building in St. Louis's historic Flower Row)
  7. Our community garden project in Hyde Park that shares organic produce with local residents
  8. Annual donations to the Earthdance organic farming education program
  9. Purchase agreements with local farmers to grow Certified Organic herbs
  10. Educational talks, demonstrations, and classes of herbal methods and products for our community
  11. Donations to media sources like public radio stations

Blissoma natural skincare is made from whole, unrefined herbs that create healthy, beautiful skin for you that looks and acts youthful, heals quickly, and is more resilient.

    For you, our beloved customer, we create:
  1. Skin that looks and acts youthful
  2. Even skin tone and healthy radiance
  3. Confidence in your appearance
  4. Knowledge of natural ingredients, products, and methodology
  5. A lower toxin load in your body
  6. Comfort in knowing we share your values and live by ethical action
  7. Affordable products that don’t have to be a luxury
  8. Herbal recipes that outperform conventional, synthetic products

Blissoma is an independently owned natural skincare company. We are still woman-owned and have maintained our integrity through our growth

    Through our daily devotion and years of work we have:
  1. Helped thousands of people detoxify their skincare routine
  2. Won more than 10 awards
  3. Been sold in 7 countries internationally
  4. Won the hearts of the most discerning natural beauty bloggers and experts
  5. Remained independently owned and operated since our inception
  6. Never betrayed our ethics or “sold out” in order to grow (like that time a big company asked us to use non organic base oils to make our soap cheaper so we could sell it in bulk... we refused, because why sell a whole lot of something that is creating more toxic chemical runoff in the world?)
  7. Survived and flourished following the recession
  8. Proved that with heart and hard work we can grow and share this idea of radical self-love and healthy beauty
  9. Only just begun to show the world what we're made of.