Smooth A+ Correcting Serum



Gently spread over face and neck after cleansing and toning. May also be used throughout the day as a spot treatment.

We recommend that people with acne prone skin continue to use Smooth A+ as daily care even once skin looks improved.  Smooth A+ has ingredients that will help fade the look of post breakout dark marks quickly, and will help maintain your clear results long term.  Better hydrated and balanced skin will have less breakouts overall. 

Some people may experience a mild transition breakout as the microbiome readjusts when beginning a Blissoma skincare routine.  This is because synthetic and OTC drug acne skincare generally contains ingredients that artificially and aggressively suppress the skin microbiome.  Once that influence is removed the skin will need about a week to re-establish the start of a healthy ecosystem.

After 1 week this process should stabilize and the appearance of new breakouts should be reduced.  We recommend allowing at least 3 weeks of steady use to see substantial improvements, and full results may take several months.  Keep up your healthy routines and your skin will love the chance to repair!

If you are still seeing increased, substantial new breakouts after 1 week of use your skin may not be compatible with this product.  Smooth A+ does contain several botanicals that include latex-type compounds (dandelion root and goldenrod), so people with latex allergies will want to do a patch test.

Each 1.3 oz bottle is approximately 6 weeks of use when used once per day.


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