Sensitive skin can be clear, calm, and vibrant with the right nutrients.

  Blisoma holistic skincare is certified cruelty free and vegan, made with solar power, all natural and contains no petrochemicals, uses a majority of organic and regeneratively farmed ingredients, and has no hidden ingredients so you can shop for your sensitive skin without worry.


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Casey saw a difference in her skin in just days.
"It really has been an emotional struggle developing skin challenges postpartum in addition to an autoimmune condition and I am so thankful for the recommendations from Jen and for your products! They have helped so much and even multiple dermatologists and medications didn’t work so I am very impressed and of course love how natural everything is as that’s important to me too!

It's been really amazing how quickly it started working, I noticed improvement within a few days in my skin texture and dryness. I am 31. I think the Pure and Restore have been the most helpful but I love the whole regimen!"






Our customers often have seriously sensitive skin. 

The ingredient list can sound nice, but how will YOUR skin feel when using it?

Start small and see what your skin loves.

Rebecca says, "This was exactly what I was hoping to stumble upon so I could try numerous products, since I'm always wanting to test them before buying the full-sized bottles. I was able to try four things this way and am happy to say I loved each of them so much I've ordered the full-sized option in each."

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We know what plants are good for skin problems.


We research carefully, studying skin health and what happens with skin problems like acne, rosacea, eczema, dryness, and damage from sun and stress. Then we match your skin problems with plant nutrients that can help.


You could be our next skin succcess story. Sometimes all it takes is 1 or 2 products to change your skin destiny.
Real Blissoma natural skincare customers with no makeup and clear skin




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Blissoma products never contain any:

Petrochemicals - Mineral Oil - Synthetic colors - Synthetic fragrances - Pthalates - Silicones - PEG ingredients - Ethoxylated ingredients - Parabens - Phenoxyethanol - Methylisothiazolinone - Formaldehyde donors - Gluten - Animal-derived ingredients - Hidden ingredients

In addition the Soothe Ecosystem is also free of ethyl alcohol and essential oils.

Award winning natural beauty products give you results that rival any conventional brand.

Blissoma products have won over 12 industry awards and are used and sold by over 100 independent spas. We make professional quality organic skincare for sensitive and problem skin. 

We know just the herbs and oils you need to turn stinging, redness, and irritation into naturally healthy, gorgeous skin. If you've been frustrated by reactions to new products then this will answer your prayers!

Herbal beauty is the conscious and effective choice for your skin. We inspire your skin to its most beautiful state without using any toxins at all.


Imagine feeling confident not only about how you look, but about the health, environmental, and social impact of the products you use.

Blissoma sources about 30% of our botanical materials from farm-direct suppliers who we know by name.  We support regenerative farming techniques for more vigorous plants and great soil health, which translates to more effective products for you.

Your skin will notice the difference from carefully extracted, organic herbs that carry no hidden preservatives.

After extraction at our herbal studio we compost all our leftover botanicals.  In 2022 we composted over 250 lbs of spent herbs, nourishing the soil and saving material from landfills.



Need some help deciding what to try? Our licensed, on-staff esthetician will give you personalized recommendations.

The consultation is free and we consider everything that can be affecting your skin, such as allergies, hormones, diet, previous skin treatments, and more.


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