Shea Butter - Fair Trade, Refined



Shea butter is a nutritious treat for dry skin.  The butter is rich and creamy and contains valuable antioxidants and plant sterols to condition and protect skin from head to toe.

This shea butter is a refined, fair trade butter from West Africa.  The butter is organically grown and processed.  We are not able to pass on the organic certification at this time as we have yet to become a certified handler, but it does carry certification up til our repackaging of it.

People suffering from redness, tightness, flaking, cracking, and rough texture will love the pampering this butter provides.  You can easily make your own whipped shea butter with our recipe and know exactly what is in the products you are using.  You can also use this shea butter to produce your own lotion bars, bar soaps, lip balms and many other DIY natural beauty projects.

Shea butter is composed of 5 principal fatty acids.  It generally has around 40% Oleic and Stearic acids.  The Stearic acid gives it hardness.  Palmitic, Linoleic, and Arachidic are included at less than 10% each.

10 antioxidant phenolic compounds have been found in shea butter and documented in a recent scientific study.  The types of phenolic compounds are comparable to green tea with the majority of them being catechins.  The total phenolic level of shea butter is comparable to olive oil.  This makes shea butter a very healthy oil for skin nourishment and prevention of the appearance of aging.

Young or old, you will treasure the effects of this wonderful butter.  It's simple, it's luxurious, and it's very effective.  Why settle for a commercially made product that includes only a little shea butter when you can have the real thing?

This butter is refined using a physical, nonchemical process to reduce the aroma and create greater consistency.  The process removes water content and impurities that may be present from the arduous physical extraction process.  The effect on the nutritional content is minimal, and while we generally opt for unrefined oils we think that a refined shea allows for the most palatable choice for sensitive customers, and the most flexible option creatively to carry your essential oil blends without the nutty smell getting in the way.

We are selling shea butter by the pound.  A single pound will come in chunks in the flexible bag shown in the photo and is enough to make about three 8 oz jars of whipped shea butter.  Please inquire with us if you would like a quote on a purchase of 10 pounds or more.