Pure - Sensitive Care Complex


Pure is Clinically Proven, Award-Winning, and loved by thousands

Clinical tests show 54% redness reduction from our cream and 16.5% better barrier function

In January 2023 we conducted our first Clinical Test on Pure Sensitive Care Complex. The results were impressive. Our study group showed a 54% reduction in their skin's redness after 4 weeks of using Pure Sensitive Care Complex and Free Gel Cleanser - even in January in Canada!

We also delivered great skin barrier improvements.  Participants used Pure just once and their Transepidermal Water Loss was measured at 1 and 8 hours.  At 1 hour the group showed 13.5% less water loss through skin.  At 8 hours the group's averate TEWL was 16.5% less than at the start of the test.  Our test proves that using Pure just once can actually improve skin througout the day.
Clinical test results showing 54% reduced redness from using a whole plant, organic redness reduction cream Pure Sensitive Care Complex

@HolisticRendezvous and the Veggie Awards Love Pure

Blair Horton of @HolisticRendezvous originally discovered Blissoma through Emily, her holistic esthetician at Stratum Esthetics in Colorado.  She calls Pure her "all time favorite moisturizer".

Her skin acts up sometimes and Pure has proven to be an ideal antidote to dry air and irritation. She loves how it feels and comes back to it again and again.


The Veggie Awards gave Pure their Silver award in the Best Vegan Skincare category in 2023.
Best Vegan Skincare Award for our organic and plant based facial cream for sensitive skin and redness


Gently spread over face and neck after cleansing and toning. Absorbs quickly with no shine. Apply sun protection or makeup to finish.

Each 1.6 oz container is approximately an 8 week supply when used once daily.

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