Flourish Lavender Mint+Clover Hand+Body Wash

$28.00 - $48.00


This slippery, sudsy hand+body wash leaves your skin soft+hydrated no matter how many times you lather up! Formulated with fanatically clean ingredients to cleanse your most gentle, delicate areas from shoulders to toes with a rich, creamy lather that is enjoyable to use. Our pairing of soothing lavender+cooling mist is delicate and refreshing and lingers after the washing experience.

Ingredient benefits:

Decyl glucoside is a gentle, biodegradeable cleanser recommended for sensitive skin+babies.

Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate-is not the dreaded sodium lauryl sulfate-but another clean ingredient that is so gentle it can be used undiluted, directly on skin. We use it to help support creamy lather and make it easy to spread while washing.

Organic vegetable glycerin draws moisture to your skin helping to leave it hydrated and soft.


Use water to activate the lather. Rub and spread the creamy bubbles everywhere that needs washing. Rinse and apply a moisturizer or body oil on damp skin.


purified water and trifolium pretense**(clover)and vegetable glycerin*, decyl glucoside***, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate***^, gluconolactone***(and) sodium benzoate***(preservative system), hydrolyzed vegan silk protein(from algae), guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, panthenol(vitamin B), secret essential oil blend, non-gmo xantham gum


*certified organic. **wild harvested. ***Ecocert