Dr. Brite Red Wine Teeth Whitening Pen



Whitens teeth up to 5 shades brighter with one pen! With powerful natural ingredients like cranberry seed extract, whiten teeth and prevent stains without sensitivity after you are done drinking your favorite glass of wine.


Step 1: Dry visible teeth with tissue, then twist base of pen until half pea size of gel is exposed. Step 2: Use brush head to swipe gel evenly across all teeth (top & bottom), then rub gel into each tooth for 4-5 seconds. Step 3: Smile wide for 2 minutes to allow gel to dry, don't rinse, avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes.


aqua (purified water), vegetable glycerin, food-grade hydrogen peroxide, organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, organic mentha spicata (spearmint) oil, mentha arvensis (menthol) crystals, ascorbyl palmitate (non-acidic vitamin c), carboxymethyl cellulose gum (natural thickener), hexane-free stevia rebaudiana leaf/stem extract, carbomer, vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry seed) oil, anthemis hobilis (chamomile flower) extract, sodium hydroxide (ph regulator)