Blissoma + Your Business. It's a beautiful thing.

Are you an esthetician or natural beauty retailer? We'd love to speak with YOU about how Blissoma's all natural professional skincare products will fit into your business.

Blissoma has been established as a leader in natural skincare for over a decade and we know the needs and concerns of natural spa clients well. We've got an incredible, proven collection of 100% original, nutritious, herbal products that makes quick inroads into the hearts of customers.

Want to see your clients jumping for joy because they've finally found the ideal combination of functionality, purity, elegance, and price? Yes? We thought so. And we give gorgeous results they'll keep coming back for.

Going all natural makes sense for your professional esthetics business as well.

The organic skin care market is growing rapidly - much faster than conventional beauty - and is expected to reach a total value of $13.2 billion by 2018. Positioning yourself as a leader in natural products and spa services will put you on the leading edge of this burgeoning business. Awareness of the efficacy, value, and safety of organic skin care is at an all time high and will continue to grow as customers demand safe, clean, environmentally friendly products. Natural clients tend to be loyal and intelligent, making them enjoyable and rewarding to serve.

Want to join our fast-growing family of estheticians and boutique retailers?

We allow easy wholesale ordering on with an approved account.

To get set up to purchase wholesale and professional skincare from us please do the following:

  • Fill out our wholesale application form. Once we receive your email we will review your request and respond to continue the conversation. The account approval process is not automatic and we will review your business closely for the fit between our brand and yours.  Please allow 24-48 hours during the business week for initial response by email.  We believe in business at a human scale and will give your request intentional attention as we work through our email load.
  • You then also need to register for an account on our website.
  • Once your account is reviewed and approved you will be able to view products and place your wholesale orders directly on while logged into your wholesale account.

Our online shopping cart will allow you to place orders in a matter of minutes once you have an approved wholesale account.

We support our retailers with nationally based promotion, training materials, and other services to help your sales. Our hard work making a name for ourselves with online customers and the media can pay off for you. What other retail partners are saying:

Blissoma is a brand we want to focus on as we’re having no issues selling it to the Canadian market; and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive (customers who buy Blissoma tend to become repeat customers). Pavel, Nuciya Natural Beauty

Blissoma is quickly becoming one of my top favorite skincare lines, EVER. After a trial period I decided to bring it in as a retail line in my own business, primarily because I love the products, but also because I love the ethics behind the company and I find the price incredibly reasonable. I simply adore a small skincare company- one that is established enough to have a broad line, but still quaint enough that I am in direct communication the the owner and founder. To me, that ensures quality in the product and exceptional customer service.

I’m naturally skeptical of large skincare companies that still claim their products to be handmade in small batches, or other such appealing buzzwords. But at Blissoma, that’s what their really doing! Trust me- just follow them on Instagram, search them on Youtube- you’ll see the handful of maybe 3 people that actually make the products. By hand. Aomi, Moab Esthetics

I had the pleasure of working with Julie for over 4 years during my tenure as owner of The Nature of Beauty, an eco beauty retail store and spa in St. Paul, MN. I can say with all sincerity that Julie was my favorite vendor to work with. She is professional, responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and collaborative - to name just a handful of her positive traits. I considered her (and still do) a true colleague, not just a "vendor." She's also the hardest working individual I have ever known in my life, with more resilience than I thought possible in a single human being. Her knowledge of skin care, including the science and properties of every single ingredients she uses, is meticulously thorough, and she goes well out of her way to share her knowledge with customers and retail partners - and anyone else who cares to learn. She is also dedicated to serving the community in which she lives and works, using her ceaseless optimism to influence and inspire the people around her. Terri Bly, The Nature of Beauty (former owner)

Julie is a bright light professionally and once you meet her, personally. I am a makeup artist practicing in my 10th year as well as a licensed esthetician. I have come across and used several skincare lines and I can honestly say, Julie knows skincare more than anybody I know. Her products are beautifully packaged and appeal to all senses. Her products make you feel healthy, happy and positive. They deliver results. Julie is enthusiastic about new formulations and is always looking to improve upon and come up with new products. She helps others throughout the community in other ways which adds to the genuinity of her personality. You can literally ask her any question about organic skincare and she will be able to answer it with knowledgeable, scientific responses. I look forward to seeing her company continue to grow! Emily Miller, Editorial Makeup/Hair and Esthetician

You can also give us a call at (314) 771-5006 to speak to us directly.

Wholesale pricing is available only to qualified businesses.

What do we offer to our wholesale partners?
  1. 1. A strong, award-winning, internationally recognized brand with over 10 years of experience in natural skincare
  2. 2. Honest, transparent and completely original recipes developed from years of research and the best botanical materials sourced locally and globally
  3. 3. Gorgeous photos and graphics to support your sales online and in-store, supplied free to our wholesale partners
  4. 4. Backbar size products for skin professionals at a discount
  5. 5. Extremely friendly purchasing terms for independent businesses with no mandatory minimum purchase requirements
  6. 6. Wholesale level pricing for qualified and approved estheticians and makeup artists
  7. 7. Unlimited email support with our helpful, knowledgeable staff
  8. 8. Video trainings as needed for new accounts
  9. 9. Ongoing release of written educational materials from research by our founder to continue growing your knowledge
  10. 10. Nationally based marketing and promotion outreach to continuously increase brand awareness and support your sales and use of our brand

Wholesale and professional orders for our skin care and essential oils are processed generally within 2 to 3 business days.

Making new green beauty buddies is one of our favorite things about our jobs, so hit us up with a little note to say hi. It could be the start of something beautiful.