14e Flat Top Foundation Brush



The perfect foundation brush doesn’t exi…until now! Meet our Flat Top Foundation brush. Works perfectly with our Foundation formula to give you a flawless finish. Made with sustainably grown and harvested Birch wood, high quality, uber-soft vegan synthetic brush bristles, and always cruelty-free.


Dot Foundation on face, then use brush to buff in product, being sure to blend thoroughly along edges of face.

Brush Care: Wash AT LEAST once a week to prevent breakout causing bacteria. Face brush down and run the bristles of your makeup brush under lukewarm water, avoiding submersion of the ferrule (the metal portion that holds the brush together) and wood handle. Use a gentle soap or brush cleanser and swirl the bristles in palm of hand, or brush cleaning mat, till sudsy. Rinse and repeat till water runs clear. Remove excess water by gently squeezing bristles, then softly pat with a dry towel. Lay brush flat on towel to dry for 6-10 hours.