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Blissoma is an easy way to give yourself the great skin you've wanted, naturally.

Our recipes have been developed for specific skin types from botanical, raw, and nutritious ingredients. It's the skincare you'd make if you were an Herbal Chemist.

With Blissoma you get more than just skincare, though. You get healthy, trustworthy advice.

Our team lives a natural lifestyle. We have personally juiced, infused, extracted, soaked, eaten, and applied all manner of nutrient rich and natural botanicals. Our advice for you extends beyond products. We are a true holistic company, approaching the issue of your skincare from an inner and outer perspective. Your food, attitudes, and overall health all affect your results.

We understand that your needs are unique.

Skin can be a complex thing, especially for sensitive people. While we've already designed products that address difficult skin issues we keep changing because your body is always changing. That's why we'll keep digging, keep exploring, and keep sharing to help you find your ideal solution. We believe in science and look constantly for solid research to support our products and our consultations for our clients.

We believe in empowering you to make healthy, informed decisions.

With the right knowledge you can look and feel better each day, and all without using any toxins at all. Your health and appearance will only benefit from a switch to natural and organic ingredients and methods. When your whole being is nourished you have a radiance that everyone can see.

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We love giving our clients results like this.

Hi Julie! So I wanted to update (and again, THANK you!) - I've been using raw organic honey almost exclusively as my face wash, and did the oatmeal face mask here and there. . .. and since we last talked, my skin situation is already so much better than it was! The crazy flakey/dry/eczema like spots are pretty much gone, and the clarity in general is getting better! Tina D.

You have the most incredible and versatile products! I continue to find new uses for them all the time. For example my face wash is also an effective eye make-up remover and it does NOT sting if it gets in your eyes! I'm so glad you do what you do and that you are part of our St. Louis Community!! Joy M.

Let us share health and happy skin with you.