RMS Brush - Foundation Brush skin2skin

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blends, dual technology, foundation brush, make up brush


The skin2skin foundation brush uses varying length bristles (dual technology) that are tightly layered in a swirl pattern to effortlessly and instantaneously blend your foundation. The brushes shape and varying fiber length makes it easy for application over every curve of the face.


Use with RMS Beauty ñunî cover-up 

"Everyone asked me if I was going to do brushes when I launched my brand and my answer was ñI will not do a brush 'till I have one that can mimic skin to skin application. Well, I have one. It has a series of hypnotic-like circles (or fingerprint) embedded into the circular angled head. This is hands down the best foundation brush (award winner) on the market and can literally do a perfect foundation sans mirror. The synthetic bristles are not your typical soft sable but they are slightly firmer in order to stimulate facial tone, blood circulation which therefore oxygenates the skin. It is designed to mold perfectly over every angle of the face while blending flawlessly...Nothing beats this brush."


RMS Beauty skin2skin brushes are created with high-end, synthetic fibers and have been expertly designed to mimic skin to skin makeup application. Because of the expertly placed bristles using dual technology, this brush effortlessly blends foundation onto the skin, pressing color into the skin rather than laying on top of the face. Mimicking skin-to-skin application, the foundation brush covers pores, imperfections and will not drag unevenly across skin.