Natural Foundation and Sheer Tint Samples - Sappho + 14e

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A set of up to 6 natural foundation samples for your skin color
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Our staff esthetician will help select the proper shades for you
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Features Alima Pure Liquid Foundations and Lauren Brooke Creme Foundations


To assist our clients in selecting the right foundation shade and product for their skin type we are offering samples of our Sappho New Paradigm Foundations, 14e Foundations and Sheer Tints. 

In order to select the right shade for your skin we will compile up to 9 samples of these two types of products (likely 3 each, may vary by customer) and mail them to you.  You can then test the products in the comfort of your own home and decide which texture and shade are right for you.

Once you have selected a liquid or creme shade we will be able to recommend a corresponding powder foundation color to go with it, as we have charted out the colors of each line that coordinate with one another.  Due to the difficulty of packaging powders we are not currently offering samples of powder foundations.

In order to complete this process please send an email to our staff esthetician including a well lit, daylight photo of your face so we can determine your approximate shade.  If you know your undertones (cool, neutral, beige, olive, or warm) please let us know that as that will help us tremendously.  If you are familiar with your shade in other product lines you can let us know that as well so we can look it up for comparison.  Foundation matching/sample correspondence should be sent to

As this process requires some emailing back and forth and that we create samples from our store stock shipping will not be quite as fast on this item.  We recommend that you consider purchasing foundation samples separately from your order of other items to avoid delay, or plan several days of extra time in to receive everything.

Shipping is included with the price of this item.  Due to the additional labor we incur putting together foundation samples this item is not eligible for return or for loyalty points rewards.