All Good Hand Aromatic Sanitizer Spray



Hands have been taking a beating this last year with constant sanitizer use, and many synthetically based sanitizers are a nightmare for people who deal with sensitive skin. Artificial scents and sanitizing chemicals can cause eczema flares and skin irritation, particularly when used over and over on hands that are already dry.

All Good hand sanitizers help you ward off common germs with an alcohol based spray that is gentler to skin. The soothing lavender essential oil scent is skin friendly and won't hang around for hours after use. These will help you keep your hands much happier while also killing germs.

These have no thickening carbomers, parabens, or any of that nasty stuff, either (basically: we avoid ingredients that might irritate your skin). All of All Good's alcohol-based liquid sanitizers evaporate quickly and don't require a full lather and rinse.


ACTIVE INGREDIENT: 62% Ethyl Alcohol
INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glycerin, Lavendula Latifolia Herb Oil, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Leaf Extract, Tocopherol, Water